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The Top 10 Top 10s

Posted on December 26 2010 6:00 pm
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9. December 20:Top 10 Hoaxes Perpetrated by the Left and Trumpeted by a Complicit Media by Megan Fox

There’s nothing the left loves more than a victim. Our entire victim-culture can be summed up into one Oprah Winfrey Show, complete with boxes of Kleenex and clichéd advice about “moving forward” and “finding one’s inner beauty.” Admittedly, it’s tempting to get sucked in. Who doesn’t feel the heart strings tighten when a true story of hardship is presented, complete with video clips of beach walking and wailing orchestral instruments? But “victims” have become entertainment that equal big ratings and instant stardom. As such, one must always be on the lookout for the big hoax.

Surfing Drudge the other morning I ran across an article on some books at Harvard which had been peed upon. These weren’t just any books, but all of them were books with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered themes. Reading the article and the outrage from the Harvard librarians about “bias crimes” got my hairy eyeball twitching. The word “hoax” came to mind immediately. And sure enough, it has been discovered not only was it not vandalism, but an accident brought on by one of the library’s own staff members. There are questions, however, like why was there a bottle of urine sitting on a shelf in the LGBT section in the first place?

All I’m saying is, it stinks. And it’s not just the urine. It’s not like it would be the first example of a fake crime intended to bring attention to a societal “problem” in the eyes of the vandal. Perhaps someone should investigate the librarian to find out if one of his/her pastimes is inciting unrest. The following are examples of the worst hoaxes committed by radical leftists in the name of social justice.

This recent big hit is from Megan Fox, a newcomer to NRB. Megan joined us just recently in the second half of November and started off with a bang with Steinem Off Her Meds: Sarah, Trig & the Secret Life of Self-Aborting Bears. (I know this one really got under some feminists’ skin.) Since then she’s had two other highly-popular list posts:

Seducing Teen Girls Leftward: 10 Shocking Items Lurking on the Library Shelves

28 Revolting Quotes That Define the Pro-Abortion Left

Keep your eye on Megan in 2011. She’s one of our brightest rising stars.

Next: Behold the fantasyland of the Hollywood Left where Osama bin Laden can be saved through blasting enough Care Bear stares….

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