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The Top 10 Top 10s

Posted on December 26 2010 6:00 pm
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here

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In August of this year we began a new ritual at NewsRealBlog: the daily list post. Since then it’s become our most popular feature, albeit not without a dash of controversy.

The emails don’t come all that often but one shows up every now and then: “I hate having to click next page! I don’t want to wait for the pages to load!”

To which I reply without fail: “Click the ‘print this post’ link if you want it all on one page.” Depending on how annoying my correspondent is I might explain the rationale for the list posts. Generally for a standard post at NRB we’re shooting for 300-500 words. Well, with our list post format we’re trying to get at least that many words on each page. So all the list-post format does is string together 5-10 interrelated posts into one sequence. The added pages also act as speed bumps, forcing the reader to slow down and process the arguments instead of just seeing what each item on the list is.

But hey, do with it as you will. Want it all on one page just to see the list. Fine. “Print that post.” But you’ll miss out on images and videos…

These are some of our ten most popular lists this year. Enjoy.

10. September 5: The 10 Most Controversial Illustrations by Anti-Jihad Artist Bosch Fawstin by David Swindle

Since January, my friend Bosch Fawstin has been contributing illustrations to NewsReal Blog.Bosch’s work is so effective for three reasons:

1. It’s aesthetically pleasing. Bosch uses bold colors and sharp lines (or strong blacks in his non-colored images) to create pieces that leap off the page.

2. It’s intellectually complex. Usually you need to look at Bosch’s pieces a few times to see and appreciate the various pieces of word-play and hidden images. Most of his illustrations have multiple layers.

3. It’s aggressive. Bosch ruffles feathers and isn’t afraid to offend. This Radical Spirit is energizing and inspirational.

To demonstrate this I’ve assembled my top 10 list of my favorite Fawstins and provided some commentary on them.

You know that feeling you get when you really like a small band that’s just beginning to take off? Think of some obscure indie band that after a few years ends up getting some hit song that the entire culture picks up on. And you sit smugly, satisfied that finally a band that really deserves it is getting its due and the culture as a whole is evolving in the right direction?

That’s what I think of each time Bosch sends me his newest cartoon — each one more provocative, innovative and exciting than the last. Soon the day will come when he’ll be huge. And we’ll get to say that we were turned in to his bold, freedom-fighting art before everyone else got on board.

The sequel from December 12: Art Against Jihad: 10 of the Best Illustrations From Bosch Fawstin, Volume 2

Next: Mental wounds inflicted on our country by an embarrassing journalistic establishment…

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