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Hating Christmas

Posted on December 25 2010 6:00 am
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4. Welcome To The Red Cross, Your Getaway From All That Offensive Christmas Stuff.

Back in the United Kingdom, where one can still say the word “Christmas” without being treated like a pariah, the “war on Christmas” continues to creep in, as evidenced by this shot across the bow, fired by the British Red Cross:

Christmas has been banned by the Red Cross in over 400 of its stores. The reason being given is that the trappings of Christmas might offend Muslims.

According to reports, staff have been ordered to take down decorations and to remove any other signs of the Christian festival.

One volunteer spoke out:

Christine Banks, a volunteer at a Red Cross shop in New Romney, Kent, said: “We put up a nativity scene in the window and were told to take it out. It seems we can’t have anything that means Christmas. We’re allowed to have some tinsel but that’s it.

“When we send cards they have to say season’s greetings or best wishes. They must not be linked directly to Christmas.

“When we asked we were told it is because we must not upset Moslems.”

Mrs Banks added: “We have been instructed that we can’t say anything about Christmas and we certainly can’t have a Christmas tree.

“I think the policy is offensive to Moslems as well as to us. No reasonable person can object to Christians celebrating Christmas. But we are not supposed to show any sign of Christianity at all.”

Britain’s highest ranking Muslim politician, Lord Ahmed, weighed in as well:

“It is stupid to think Moslems would be offended. The Moslem community has been talking to Christians for the past 1,400 years. The teachings from Islam are that you should respect other faiths.”

He added: “In my business all my staff celebrate Christmas and I celebrate with them. It is absolutely not the case that Christmas could damage the Red Cross reputation for neutrality – I think their people have gone a little bit over the top.”

It’s worth noting that the fear of Muslim reaction hasn’t stopped the British Red Cross from selling Christmas cards online or conducting its annual Christmas raffle to raise money.

Next: Bah, humbug to your “Christmas Village,” Philadelphia!

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