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Hating Christmas

Posted on December 25 2010 6:00 am
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5. Oh, Atheist Tree! Oh, Atheist Tree!

Only on the West Coast could a story like this one take place. On the state capitol grounds in Olympia, Washington, a group called the Seattle Atheists has erected its own tree. The local paper covered the story with enough snark to make me happy:

With little fanfare or complaints, Seattle Atheists have erected a decorated tree and a sign on the Capitol campus in honor of not-Christmas.

A tree? As in, a Christmas Tree?

Not exactly. The group calls it “A Tree of Knowledge” — although it’s unclear if they’re unaware of the Biblical implications of such a title, or co-opting it.

There’s a sign next to the tree that reads:

Seattle Atheists Tree of Knowledge
At this winter Solstice, as people embrace light and hope, Seattle Atheists celebrates human knowledge:
Inquiry and discovery, invention and exploration, the investigation of mysteries subatomic to astronomic ever growing, ever reaching, ever striving.

The paper describes the decorations on the tree better than I ever could:

[I]t’s about a 6-foot conifer with decorations hanging from the boughs. No toys or angels or smiley snowmen for the atheists, however. Their decorations consist of pictures of famous scientists like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, covers for books like “Cosmos” and a small copy of the Periodic Table of Elements. (I know what you’re thinking: These atheists sure know how to trim a tree!)

There haven’t been any complaints about the tree. Why? Because it’s actually inoffensive and non-intrusive…you know, just like Christmas decorations are.

The article goes on to tell that the state has a nativity scene in storage, but no one has filled out the proper permits yet to display it.

What’s most telling about the story is in the few comments about the article on the website. Among them, two commenters go way out of their way to make sure the author knows that Christmas trees stem from pagan celebrations and that scholars don’t believe Jesus was born in December. That’ll show those Christians!

Next: The “war on Christmas” goes back across the pond.

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