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The Green Dragon Strikes Back: Conservative Christian Video Has the Religious Left Seeing Red

Posted on December 25 2010 5:00 pm
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On Dec. 9 I reported on the release of a new video from a conservative Christian group known as the Cornwall Alliance titled Resisting the Green Dragon. The video has not been well received by the Left, being as it is a critique of the environmental movement and the very real dangers it poses to both a free, prosperous, civil society and to the fundamental Judeo-Christian principles underlying that social order.

Since then the “Green Dragon,” roused from its lair, has begun reacting to the video.  Within that reaction it becomes ever clearer why the Left responds with the kind of visceral hostility conservatives encounter any time they express substantive disagreement with leftist ideas.  These two sides represent utterly different and irreconcilable worldviews. Both conservatism and Christianity, in any traditional form, pose a deep existential threat to the world view of environmentalism, not just its public policies.

The proof is in the proverbial pudding.  In that blog post, I spent some time with one Ben Proffer, a contributor to an online environmental magazine known as Environment. Mr. Proffer, progressive slayer of conservative dragons and righter of wrongs that he apparently is, has not been content to let sleeping dragons lie.

Environment is a division of, the website of a leftist activist group that does not appear to be small potatoes as leftist activists groups go.  Indeed, it counts as among its most important “partners” such groups as the Environmental Defense Fund, the Rainforest Action Network, the World Wildlife Fund (more recently infamous for the use of one of its articles by the IPCC as a scientific reference as part of its pseudoscientific claims of runaway glacier melting in the Himalayas),  the Sierra Club, the thuggish SEIU, and the Ted Turner funded United Nations Foundation.

Proffer’s article of Dec. 19 says that he has spoken to a number of “environmentally empowered” (ideologically weighted?) Christian groups  and that they have responded to the video with “a big shrug.”  Who shrugged?  If you answered “Atlas,” continue reading.  Proffer wrote a letter that was placed on the Environment website addressed to our shrugging “Christian groups” and some of their administrative leadership.

It perhaps will come as no shock to learn that the individuals Mr. Proffer wants opinions from regarding the perspective of Slaying the Green Dragon read like a kind of miniature roll call of leading administrative or activist figures within the religious Left. Among them are Cassandra Carmichael, Program Director for the National Council of Churches,  and Susan Stephenson, Executive Director of Interfaith Power & Light, (a group deeply concerned about something they call “climate change” and who wish to incorporate “environmental concerns into worship, teaching, and preaching.”).

Another recipient of Proffer’s activist missive is one Reverend Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith, a group perhaps as indicative of precisely the salient concerns of the producers of Slaying the Green Dragon as any I could mention here.  The group’s mission statement includes exactly the kind of intellectually nebulous and ideologically charged modernist pantheism and Green cliches that has sparked concerns among many traditionalist Christians regarding the focus and trajectory of some major elements of both the Protestant and Catholic worlds.

Though claiming a Christian outlook, among the group’s first principles is the idea that human beings grow and develop spiritually through “a strong relationship with the earth.”   Christians grow spiritually through “environmentally-themed worship, religious education and spiritual practices,” all of which provide “many opportunities to celebrate creation and strengthen their members’ connection with the earth (many of us, including those such as myself who count ourselves as “Christians” regardless of what our various theological differences might be here and there, might be excused for thinking that it is our connection to Jesus Christ, not the earth, that is of paramount importance).”

Proffer asks these leftist religious groups to “speak out” (as if they needed any prodding in this direction) against the video, claiming that there is no “Cult of the Green Dragon” and that the whole idea of environmentalism as a manifestation of a powerful ideological movement with global reach and quasi-totalitarian ambitions (if not thoroughly so) is a figment of conservative “paranoia” and a body of “viscous lies”.

Following the classic leftist tradition of labeling principled dissent from their views as a manifestation of mental illness and/or crass intellectual dishonesty (and Proffer manages both in rapid succession here), Proffer reminds us that, not only are conservative concerns here signs of personality disorder and moral depravity, they are “dangerous,” representing “efforts to further splinter the union of our civic bonds by fear and intimidation.”

Get that?  Almost all of us are leftists now.  Were it not for the likes of The Cornwall Alliance, Glen Beck, Richard Lindzen, Fred Singer, Vaclav Klaus and, most of us would all be a part of John Lennon’s imagined future.  All the divisiveness, all the conflict, all of the opposition to the Left’s “better world” could be overcome if only this tiny little coterie of pitchfork waving villagers could be held in check by the forces of social justice.

Oh, and the “bitter clingers”?  Well, they’re “feeling feeling vulnerable and defensive” for some reason.

That a substantial majority of people are feeling “vulnerable and defensive” because they are truly afraid, for themselves and their posterity, of the environmental movement and its view of the world and human’s place in it does not seem to have crossed Ben Proffer’s mind.

Let the crossing begin.

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