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(Drum Roll): And The Award for Worst Political Punditry of 2010 Goes To…

Posted on December 25 2010 12:00 pm

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… the ubiquitous political commentator David Gergen. The longtime lib-left Washington establishment mouthpiece who makes his living spewing trite observations and superficial, short-sighted analyses, says President Obama has experienced a “stunning turnaround.” In an op-ed posted at CNN’s website he writes:

Voters who flocked to the Republican banner seven weeks ago are probably scratching their heads, wondering, “Who really won in November?” After handing the president and Congressional Democrats the worst drubbing in more than half a century, they can only watch in disbelief as President Barack Obama has reeled off a series of unexpected victories.

Voters are more likely to be filled with justifiable rage, not confusion. After the electorate overwhelmingly repudiated the Obama agenda on November 2, the president and Democratic lawmakers — aided by a few weak-willed, misguided Republicans — pushed more horrific legislation and deficit spending through. Obama and Democrats extended their middle fingers to America after receiving a richly deserved drubbing at the polls.

Instead of passing a spending bill long before Election Day, Democratic leaders deliberately dragged their heels. They could have easily passed a continuing resolution funding the federal government at current levels into January when the new Congress convenes. But they didn’t want to. They scheduled the lame duck session so they would still have an opportunity to pass items on their unpopular agenda in case they lost the election. It was a political insurance policy.

It is ridiculous for Gergen to say that President Obama has experienced a “turnaround” because his legislative victories in the lame duck congressional session were entirely foreseeable. America’s socialist president had already been winning consistently in terms of his legislative agenda. Although he didn’t get cap-and-trade and card check, he got Obamacare which is something leftists have lusted after for decades. (It was their Holy Grail.) He got bailouts. He took over large chunks of the financial services industry. He took over much of the auto industry. He got a new financial regulator with sweeping new powers.

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