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WUSA: Evil Right-wing Geniuses put Paul Newman… On the Radio?

Posted on December 23 2010 4:00 pm
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“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna make stale Network references anymore!”

Wouldn’t you love to hear your least favorite progressive talker make that their new year’s resolution?

It’s like I said yesterday: lefties are fickle. They pick up, dump, then booty-call their “clever” memes-du jour like Julian Assange at a key party.

Remember “the paranoid style” — in terms of “revivals”, the rhetorical equivalent of ABBA? Hell, how could you forget it if you wanted to?

And let’s recall the 2010 leftist media gang-bang that was The Ubiquitous “Lonesome Rhodes” Reference.

Keith Olbermann, Oliver Stone, too many HuffPo “writers” to name here and Keith Olbermann again could not stop talking about the lesser-known movie gem A Face in the Crowd (1957), which tells the sorry tale of a drunken hickster conman elevated to radio stardom, and which clearly foreshadowed the rise of Keith Olbermann Glenn Beck!!

After all, the lead character, Lonesome Rhodes, gets millions of his followers to laugh obediently at his stupid jokes, flock to his big rallies and even vote the way he tells them to — just like Jon Stewart Rush Limbaugh!!!

Rhodes even testifies before a gullible Congressional Committee on a matter of national — oh wait, that was Stephen Colbert. Playing a fictional character. Under oath. Never mind. That was totally cool and not weird or disturbing at all.

Now a new old movie is about to make its not-really-long-awaited debut on DVD. Wait until the leftwing punditocracy gets hold of… WUSA (1970)!

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