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NPR’s Nina Totenberg Gets Coal in Her Stocking For Naughty Christmas Expression

Posted on December 23 2010 12:45 pm
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The War on Christmas has become a new American  tradition. From “Seasons Greetings” to “Holiday Trees,” examples of Christmasaphobia have become so absurd that they resemble SNL satire more than any justifiable offense.

When exactly did the word Christmas shrink from nine letters down to four? This year has proven to be no exception. National Public Radio’s host, Nina Totenberg, wins the award for most ridiculous Christmasaphobic comment of the year. Nina gets coal in her stocking for being so naughty as to suggest that the expression “Christmas party” is something that requires a prefaced apology.

I found it odd that Nina felt obligated to apologize for saying that she attended a

Christmas party at the Justice Department.

I would have understood an apology for the expression “Justice Department.” Maybe it’s just me though. I’ve become a little sensitive about the War on Christmas ever since my town replaced its colorful Christmas wreaths and colored lights with the sad, faded glow of white LED “holiday” bulbs. Nothing says you’ve lost the war like neutered, PC decorations.

My town of Ft. Collins, Colorado made these sweeping changes a few years ago because of complaints by an ACLU member. The town gave in without a fight because they didn’t want to offend anyone.

Isn’t it possible for Christians to be offended? Businesses sure like to profit from Christmas, but trying  to get them to acknowledge the reason for the celebration is like watching a cat work on coughing up a fur ball.

Retailers make most of their profits during Christmas. Hence the term “Black Friday.” Seeing how the Christian celebration of Christmas contributes to the well being of our shared economic well being, shouldn’t all faiths and even non-faithful be more tolerant and encouraging? Or, at the very least, a little less insulting and condescending?

Nina Totenberg’s apology was given to the wrong people. Nina should apologize to all of the people who share in the belief that Christianity has made important contributions to the betterment of mankind. There is no shame in celebrating the birth of Christ who brought with Him the message of the Beatitudes and the salvation of mankind from the slavery of sin. Christmas is a light in the darkness of winter.

Where is the offense in that?

Maybe it’s time for Christians to remove themselves from the material side of Christmas. Perhaps we should retreat from the tradition of gift giving and let those who celebrate Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or nothing pick up the economic slack. Maybe it’s time for a little coal in the secular stocking; it will help keep the Christmasaphobic warm as they try to transform the “Season of Winter” into something to celebrate.

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