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Can the Tea Party Triumph Against Voter Fraud?

Posted on December 23 2010 5:00 pm
Jon N. Hall is a programmer/analyst from Kansas City.

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The 2008 election was the worst decision America ever made. And we have no one to blame but ourselves; they told us what they were going to do — fundamentally transform America. It shook one’s faith in the American electorate.

All was not lost, however. In early 2009 folks began to wake up. And in the 2010 election, the American electorate redeemed itself. The stunning results of the midterm election were due to the most important American movement in decades: the Tea Party. Tea Partiers are constitutionalists, originalists, the real Americans. Go, Tea Party.

But I had feared that in 2010 election fraud would again determine some contests. And in New York’s 1st congressional district, double registration may have proved decisive. I say “may” because no one can prove what the correct vote counts were in NY-1, nor in any of America’s elections. (The NY-1 race was the last to be called for the House. Randy Altschuler conceded to incumbent Tim Bishop on December 8. Had Altschuler prevailed, he would have become the second Jewish Republican representative in the 112th Congress, joining Eric Cantor of Virginia, the soon-to-be Majority Leader.)

If Tea Partiers want to replicate their 2010 victories and remain a vital force in American politics, they need to get serious about election fraud. Things will be much tougher in the 2012 general election.

To get correct vote counts, it is essential that voter registries be correct. There is an elegant (and cheap) solution to the perennial problem of incorrect, and even corrupt, voter registries: “automatic registration.” Automatic registration would prevent the double registration dilemma in NY-1. What Tea Partiers should do, and soon, is to start pressuring their new Congress to adopt automatic registration.

Voting in America requires that one be a citizen. Yet our election registrars don’t verify the citizenship of registrants. If a new law required that registrars demonstrate that all their registrants were citizens, everyone in America would have to re-register. If a new law required that registrars prove that their registrants were present on no other registry in any other precinct (as in NY-1), they simply couldn’t do it. Automatic registration takes care of such problems. (I’ve very briefly explained automatic registration here, and in more detail here and here.)

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