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Women Caught Outside After Midnight Arrested as Prostitutes in Obama’s “Model of Religious Tolerance”

Posted on December 22 2010 4:00 pm
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“No matter what setbacks may come,” declared President Obama last month in his former home, “the United States is committed to human progress.”  He spoke at the University of Indonesia, in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.  The address was to launch a new era of outreach to the Islamic faithful, in a nation the president has praised as a “model of religious tolerance.”  But just this week, a major women’s rights group in Indonesia blasted the increasing oppression of women there.

What, we may ask, does President Obama consider “progress?” And is his definition more in line with values traditionally American, or traditionally Muslim?

Indeed, the president was probably just being diplomatic when he cited Indonesia’s national motto, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” which means “unity in diversity.”  CNN online reported that “Obama lauded Indonesia for its spirit of inclusiveness despite its diverse population and history of dictatorship.”  In other words, as long as the “spirit” is right, what need has anyone to consider history?

The real question may be, is oppression in this country the president holds so dear merely historical? An article in Tuesday’s Jakarta Globe suggests otherwise.

“Despite widespread criticism,” it reports, “the number of discriminatory bylaws continues to increase across the country.”  This was the verdict of the National Commission on Violence Against Women,” a major women’s rights group there.  It notes that 35 of these 189 bylaws have gone into effect  just this year.  The chairwoman of this organization, Yuniyanti Chuzaifah, said that women’s rights to free expression and gainful employment were limited by no less than 80 of them.

“In the name of morality,” she said, “women’s rights are being sidelined in a country that is ostensibly governed by a spirit of democracy and humanism.”  Indeed, that “spirit” seems to be a feeble force.  “This figure is concrete proof of the fact that the [Indonesian] Constitution has pushed women to the periphery of society.”

One of these bylaws mandates that female employees and high school girls wear Islamic dress.  Another demands that women who appear in public after midnight must be considered prostitutes and arrested.  According to the Globe article, “social mores” keep Indonesian women from “taking a united stand against this trend” by dividing them into “distinct groups.”

No less a personage than Queen Hemas of the Yogyakarta Sultanate expressed concern that the motto quoted by President Obama was threatened by this trend.  The Queen called upon the “silent majority” in her country to “stand up for human rights, especially when it comes to minority groups.”

This may, in fact, be the same “silent majority” to whom leftist progressives appeal when they claim that Islam in the west is not being radicalized.  And to this date, they remain silent.

Those on the Left who praise the “tolerance” and “diversity” of society in the Islamic world also have some rather unique ideas about what that “tolerance” looks like.  In the UNDP Gender-Related Development Index released in March of this year, out of a total of 109 nations, President Obama’s “model of religious tolerance” came in 96th.

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