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Socialists’ Strategies Exposed

Posted on December 22 2010 6:00 am
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.

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Author Stanley Kurtz has exposed the sordid underbelly of both Obama’s past and present, as I pointed out in my first post analyzing the blockbuster Radical-in-Chief. Kurtz revealed the hidden players who have shaped the president’s worldview – and it turns out, they’re all socialists! Not socialist as in a label tagged on so-called liberals in general – but real, collectivist, revolutionary, America-hating socialists. Kurtz has done all the digging the leftstream media should have been doing back in ’08, and yes, he proves far beyond a reasonable doubt that (spoiler alert) Obama is a socialist. The ties between our president and each of the socialists Kurtz profiles are convincingly solid. But the more disturbing realization that will dawn on you as you read this book (and read it you must) is that these socialists, who have been (more or less) quietly among us for quite awhile, have made tremendous progress on their road to dismantling America as we know it.

Or as we knew it.

Behind the scenes, using deceit at will, they have patiently and stealthily progressed toward their goal of reshaping society in a Marxist image – while the rest of us have been napping. So here are the top ten wake-up calls from Radical-in-Chief – or as you might consider them, the top ten facts we didn’t get from the mainstream media about Obama and his cadre.

Starting with: Why socialist revolutionaries abandoned terrorism. 10. The socialists have given up on terror – for now

Homegrown terrorism was once an attractive option for many socialists still among us, including the bumbling Weather Underground, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and their infamous member Bill Ayers, whose association with Obama (almost) got the Anointed One in trouble during the election. But let us take a moment to remember those socialists who are no longer among us. Exhibit A might be Diana Oughton, who was Bill Ayers’ girlfriend when she blew herself sky-high while attempting to create, reports Kurtz, “a nail-bomb designed to tear through the flesh of ‘pigs’ – soldiers and their dates at a dance.” That was his little sweetie, his main squeeze. Of course he bravely rebounded and hooked up with his current wife, another little sweetheart name of Bernardine Dohrn, and together they advocated bombings of police and military installations to demonstrate dramatic resistance to the “pigs.”

“Violent conflicts with the pigs would serve as the catalyst of revolution, bringing the true nature of American oppression home to the public. In the Weatherman view, the highest form of community organizing would use attacks on pigs to spark off a violent, neighborhood-based conflagration… for Ayers and the Weathermen, then, revolution and community organizing were two sides of the same coin. Community organizing would galvanize white working-class youth to follow America’s own rebellious internal colony of inner-city blacks into the revolutionary fray. The inspiration for it all would be the continuing revolt of that de facto external colony, Vietnam, against the American monster.”

However, this strategy was not particularly effective at garnering recruits, as they discovered in July 1969 when “a squadron of Weathermen,” Kurtz reports, marched onto Detroit’s working-class Metro Beach carrying a Viet Cong flag and passing out literature:

“SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) is recruiting an army right now, man, a people’s army, under black leadership, that’s gonna fight against the pigs and win!!!”

Unshockingly, this persuasive rhetoric failed to turn the working class beachgoers, some of whom were Vietnam vets, into card-carrying commies. Eventually, Ayers and his compadres wised up, and realized that attacking the people they were trying to recruit was just a tad counterproductive. So, they turned to other means…

Next: community organizing comes into its own…

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