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The Future Of The Right

Posted on December 21 2010 12:01 am
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3. Mike Lee

Utah’s Senator-elect Mike Lee will be the youngest senator when he takes office in January. Though this will be Lee’s first political office, he is no stranger to the national political scene. His father, Rex Lee, served as Assistant Attorney General under President Ford and as Solicitor General under President Reagan.

Lee has spent nearly 15 years practicing law, both in private practice and as a clerk under Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. In the 2010 campaign, Lee won endorsements from the Tea Party, along with Dick Armey, Rick Santorum, and Erick Erickson. He finished first in a field of eight, including incumbent Senator Bob Bennett, in the primary and won the runoff. His primary win was considered an early coup for the Tea Party Movement. He handily defeated Democrat Sam Granato to win the general election, winning all but one county in the state.

Lee’s views are solidly conservative. His positions include curbing entitlements, protecting the unborn, preserving gun rights, maintaing strong national defense, and reigning in government spending. The focal point of his policy statements is his “Five Steps To Return To Limited Government.” They include the following declarations:

End Deficit Spending: A balanced budget amendment is essential to restoring the original, proper role of the federal government.

Strengthen National Security: We maintain peace and freedom when our national defense is strong. We must continue to develop sophisticated, cutting-edge tools and weaponry to defend our citizens from threats of terrorism.

Reform The Tax System: Until we reform the tax code to give all Americans a stake in their government (through the fair or flat tax), Congress will continue to adopt new entitlements, new bailouts, and new relief programs.

Reduce Government Regulations: The answer to an economic downturn is not a government stimulus, but a reduction in government regulation and bureaucracy to allow the natural forces of our private enterprise system to rebound without undue interference.

End The Area Of The Lifetime Politician: A career member of Congress inevitably will come to believe that that body has the answer to all social problems. The Constitution should be amended to limit service in each house of Congress to 12 years.

Lee’s track record in law, family history in politics, and conservative policy positions could very well be the makings of future leadership on the Right. We’ll have to keep an eye on him to see if he lives up to his potential and pedigree.

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