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The Freedom Center’s New Campaign: Countering an Anti-Semitic Propaganda Assault on Israel in Seattle

Posted on December 21 2010 6:37 pm
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The David Horowitz Freedom Center put out this press release today. Above is the ad we’ll be placing on Seattle buses to counter the anti-Semitic ads which were recently purchased.

Radical Propaganda on Our City Streets

Responding to an advertisement on municipal buses in downtown Seattle accusing Israel of war crimes, the David Horowitz Freedom Center today began its own counter campaign to denounce Palestinian War Crimes.

Placed by a pro Palestinian group calling itself the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign, the anti Israel ads, designed to fill full panels on the sides of 12 King County Metro buses,  show the words “Your Tax Dollars at Work” under the headline “Israeli War Crimes.”  King County Metro Transit spokesman Linda Thielke told members of the local press that the ads, scheduled to appear on 12 buses beginning two days after Christmas on the second anniversary of the Gaza War, were within the company’s guidelines which, she claimed, forbid only pornography, alcohol, tobacco and incitements to riot.

David Horowitz, President of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, said today, “These ads are part of an escalating attack on Israel by the left throughout American culture.  We expect this sort of obscene propaganda in our radical universities but not on our city streets.  These lies can not go unanswered.  The Gaza War took place because Hamas, a group committed to the mass murder of Jews, was rocketing Israeli civilians on a daily basis.  War crimes are the Palestinian terrorists’s reason for being.”

Under the headline “Palestinian War Crimes,” the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s ads also carry the legend, “Your Tax Dollars at Work.”  The ad panels also show a picture of Israeli buses destroyed by Palestinian suicide bombers and Israeli victims of this violence.  They will appear on 25 metro buses at about the same time as the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign’s ads.

“The U.S. government gives the Palestinians about a half a billion dollars a year,” Horowitz notes, “which is basically a subsidy for rejectionism and terror.  It is ironic, moreover, that this Seattle pro terror group chose to put their ads on buses, since buses carrying innocent Israelis have always been the targets of Palestinian murderers.”

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