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“The First Iranian Martyr in Bosnia”

Posted on December 21 2010 1:00 pm
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Wait a minute. An Iranian “martyr” in Bosnia? But…but…for years we were told that all the Bosnian Muslims were moderates who loved America and just wanted self-determination! How did an “Islamic martyr” get in there? “‘Documentary film about the Life of the First Iranian Martyr in Bosnia,'” by Julia Gorin at Republican Riot, December 18:

But Bosnia wasn’t a jihad, right? And all those charges of ‘mujahedin’ presence were just vicious serbianationalist propaganda, right? Right?

In fact, Bosnia and Kosovo weren’t jihads only in the eyes of the West. The Muslim world — including former Pakistan president Musharraf in his book — knows better.

As Liz, who sent me this, wrote:

Everyone shed a tear for this dear, sweet Iranian who “went to Bosnia as ‘diplomat of Iran’, but was ‘martyred’ by those ‘racist Serbians.’”

Documentary Film about the Life of the First Iranian Martyr in Bosnia

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – According to the reporter of Navideshahed; the documentary film about the life of “Martyr Rasoul Heydari” has been made and produced by “Revayat – e Fat’h” Institution. This documentary film will be broadcast from Channel One of TV today (Saturday, November 6th 2010) and tomorrow (Sunday, November 7th, 2010).

It should be mentioned that “Martyr Heydari” was born in Malayer City in 1960. He was the only son of his family. Rasoul spent his childhood with religious studies. Since he was a clever boy, he became the honor student when he was at school. He was in the second grade of high school when his family moved to Ahvaz City. They returned to Malayer City after two years. He registered in a technical school in order to continue education when they came back to Malayer City. Since then, he became familiar with the basic alphabet of politics at that time.

Concurrent with the Islamic Revolution of Iran and along with the revolutionary people of Iran, Rasoul participated in anti – regime demonstrations. He was once arrested by the police forces of the Shah Regime. After finishing education in 1979, Rasoul joined Sepah Pasdaran [The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution] in Hamedan City. Later in 1980, Rasoul formed the Sepah Pasdaran in Malayer City. He severely started to fight against the agents of SAVAC [The intelligence service of the Shah Regime before the Islamic Revolution]. After some time, Heydari went to Kordestan Province. He fought against the anti – revolutionary forces in Paveh City there.

Read on at Jihad Watch

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