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Is Hugo Chavez a CommuNazi?

Posted on December 21 2010 3:00 pm
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Should it surprise anyone that vicious authoritarian thug Hugo Chavez is using a law called the “Enabling Act” to solidify his brutal rule in Venezuela?

You would think Chavez would at least call his legislation something other than the same thing that Adolph Hitler called the German law that put Germany on the path to totalitarian dictatorship.

Alas, no. Same name. As Ron Radosh confirms a few days ago Chavez’s rubber stamp parliament approved a Nazi-style enabling act granting the Venezuelan strongman even greater powers than he now possesses.

The new law allows Chavez to rule by decree. It also allows Chavez to pave the way for the full-fledged communist dictatorship that he has always wanted to impose on his long suffering countrymen.

In his bid to turn Venezuela into a giant slave pen Chavez will be able to centralize control over the Internet within his country. (This isn’t exactly what President Obama’s Federal Communications Commission is attempting to do in the United States but it’s not worlds apart either). This will allow him to strangle his opposition in the media. Chavez’s party will be able to expel members of parliament who don’t vote the way he wants them to vote. He will also gain expanded powers over commerce in Venezuela by transferring state and municipal powers to “the Popular Power,” which must answer to Chavez.

He is creating a façade of a governmental structure to create the illusion that he is not a dictator. All dictators do this to create the appearance of a normal, functioning governmental apparatus. Remember how in the old Soviet Union people “voted” in so-called elections? It’s the same idea. It’s a trick aimed at giving the regime an air of legitimacy.

As Radosh writes

Clearly the [steps Chavez has taken are] a full recipe for totalitarian power, and the creation of another full-fledged Cuban-style regime in our hemisphere. The American far Left, or what remains of it, will be quite happy. Bill Ayers, who is on record as extolling Chavez’s educational system as the one he wants imposed in the United States, must be elated today when he learns that university autonomy will be abolished, and that the university will now  require “teaching courses on Popular Power and communes, and [that it] focuses the pedagogy around revolutionary principles.” Perhaps Chavez will import Ayers’ instructional manuals on how to achieve this end for the mandatory new programs.

The Chavez approach reminds Radosh of a term used in the days of the Cold War: CommuNazi.

According to Radosh

Chavez has much more in common with the activities of the Nazis under Hitler than the Communists led by Stalin, who in Eastern Europe after WW II, used so-called “salami tactics” to gain control of the parliament, and who created phony Social-Democratic groups aligned with the Communists to maintain the façade of democracy in the new so-called “People’s Democracies.”

Chavez is constructing a new make-believe system of government in which he will be able to move all the pieces around like pawns on a chessboard.

And the Obama administration isn’t lifting a finger to stop him.

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