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Gaming the System: Photo of the Day

Posted on December 21 2010 2:00 pm
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It’s been said before that America’s poor are not so poor. This photo made me laugh (in a disgusted way.) Look at this guy, complaining about assistance being denied for heating bills and he’s photographed in front of his huge flat screen tv. I love the space heater in the corner and the fact that he’s wearing a hat inside. During fire season, many tragic deaths are attributed to space heaters. Is it unbelievable to anyone but me that this person would rather risk the lives of himself and his neighbors than give up his TV?

There is some kind of disconnect when it comes to the welfare mentality that they should never have to sacrifice personal comfort in order to pay for their existence. Where does this come from?

Can’t pay your heating bill? Here’s an idea. Sell the TV.

This reminds me of a story I wrote about a while ago when the EU declared vacationing a human right. How much longer before the leftists in this country declare a right to HDTV?

We have a serious problem in this country and it starts at home. It is imperative to the future happiness of our children that we teach them the appropriate use of the word “NO.” Say it loud and say it proud! NO, no, no! They must learn to love that word. Life is not fair, no matter how many legislative attempts are made to equalize outcomes, it will never work. Some will work harder, some will have better luck. Some will choose drugs, some will go to jail. Some will be crying to the media that their assistance check was denied while standing in front of a flat screen.

It’s never too late to teach your kids the value of “no.” If you can teach your children to deny themselves wants in favor of needs, it is a lesson that will serve them forever. Waste not, want not. If you have the means to give your children everything they want, I would strongly discourage it. You will not always be here. At some point, they may have to fend for themselves and when they do, if they’ve never known the difference between want and need they will become as morally bankrupt as that man in the photo. Yes, I said morally bankrupt. It is immoral to demand your neighbor pay for your inadequacies. It is unconscionable to take food off the table of a person who didn’t buy a flat screen TV to pay for your heating bill. It is theft, graft, and waste. In other words, it is a sin.

Just say no today. Say it all day long. Enjoy the sound of it, the weight of it and the beauty of it. No today means yes to a future without need.

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