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The Psychotic World-View of Care2: Save The Animals, Scrape Those Unwanted Fetuses

Posted on December 20 2010 2:00 pm
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It must have been the cute puppies.

I mean, everyone knows that women are suckers for the big round eyes of a baby animal – it must bring out some kind of hard-wired maternal chemical that men don’t possess in any kind of quantity.

Why else would a very Conservative lady friend of mine send me a Christmas e-card from one of the most morally obtuse organizations on the planet, Care2? She had to have been hypnotized.

Actually I am glad she sent it – because all you need is one view of this whacked-out leftist website to understand what happens when reason is sublimated to world view…the pieces don’t fit together very well…it’s a smiling soccer-mom trip to intellectual hell.

Consider this current petition and video re the so-called senseless slaughter of reindeer for food in Sweden and Finland:

I suppose they could kill them before they saw off the horns, but listen, kids: How the hell did you figure they made the famous McArctic burger, anyway? Maybe I’m desensitized because my Grandpa worked in the packing house, but if you want meat, you gotta kill it, and there isn’t any real nice way to do it.

On the other hand, how dare the evil Messrs Pitt and Boehner intrude on a woman’s right to an abortion! (Hint: the procedure is way less pleasant then the video you just saw, I guarantee you.)

From the site’s recent Abortion Rights in Danger For U.S. Women:

Expect to see a renewed and surely stronger push to impose stricter limits on abortion.

A leading Congressional opponent of abortion rights, Representative Joe Pitts, Republican of Pennsylvania, is in line to be chairman of the influential Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. This change portends a ‘major shift on abortion and family planning, according to opponents and supporters of abortion rights,’ as reported in the December 11th New York Times.

Mr. Pitts is ‘as anti-choice as a member of Congress can be,’ according to Laurie Rubiner, vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  He favors the repeal of the health care law and is also, as the New York Times notes, ‘determined’ to impose a ban federal subsidy payments to any health insurance plans that include coverage of abortion, this being a benefit now offered by many health insurance plans.

After the midterm elections, opponents of abortion gained some 45 seats in the House. Indeed, the next speaker, Representative John A. Boehner, Republican of Ohio, is a ‘staunch ally’ of opponents of abortion rights: He has received a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee.

As Robin Marty wrote in an earlier post, the future is looking pretty stark and simply bad for women in Boehner’s America: ‘It seems as if 2010 has quickly gone from being touted as the year of the woman, to now having the potential to be the worst setbacks women have seen in decades.’

Yeah. I know. Pass the tasty lime-green Kool-Aid. And kick back to learn more about Islam leading the way in planetary environmental stewardship.

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