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  The Strange Lies of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality

Posted on December 19 2010 7:00 pm
Rob Taylor has a Master of Arts degree from Wesleyan University. He blogs at Greenville Dragnet.

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In other words, are any of the perverts you find molesting children really representative of a sexual orientation? Or are perverts just that,  perverts whose sexual criminality rightfully exists on the fringe of sexual experience? Peter LaBarbera claims that men molesting boys is an expression of homosexuality, but by that logic men molesting girls, or encouraging a deranged woman to torture little girls, is an expression of heterosexuality.

I reject this idea which is, if I may steal a phrase from Christopher Hitchens, sinister piffle.

LaBarbera and AFTAH have a long history of misrepresenting facts and exploiting crimes to further his undefined agenda, which seems to have as its end goal celebrity for LaBarbera. I don’t know why they do this if their goal is to evangelize gays, but being neither gay nor Christian I’ve never actually cared.  But one thing I do care about is the truth about crime and the sexual victimization of children. AFTAH and LaBarbera are minimizing child molestation by promoting the false theory that gays are out looking for little boys to convert to their lifestyle.

The truth is most sexual abuse will happen to female children, and it will be committed by the mother’s babysitting boyfriend, the helpful uncle, the teacher who “takes a special interest” in children or the host of other characters familiar to crime writers but unfortunately not to parents. Some of these parents, perhaps led astray by LaBarbera’s piffle, think that if a man has healthy heterosexual relations it is safe for him to be around children. And that dooms many of those children to a lifetime of emotional pain.

It’s strange to see a group that claims to promote biblical morality bear false witness against others, and stranger still to see a group whose main concern is morality lie so easily while asking for donations. But strangest of all is the fact that Peter LaBarbera is smart enough to know that these half-truths and distortions will destroy his credibility and hurt his cause, though they will drive traffic to his Web site. Were I a cynical man I’d say that it’s almost as if LaBarbera doesn’t care that a few minutes of fact checking could debunk most of his premises because the point is simply to stir the pot, just as the SPLC did with their attack on AFTAH.

It’s also strange how similar the groups are to each other and how well they work together to rally their bases.

Rob Taylor blogs at Greenville Dragnet

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