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The 10 Best Rush Limbaugh Quotes the George Soros Steno-Pool Was Kind Enough to Collect For Us

Posted on December 18 2010 8:00 am
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8. Rush slams Cantor, says requiring insurers to cover pre-existing conditions “isn’t insurance, it’s welfare” (11/30)

Soon-to-be House Majority Leader Eric Cantor recently stated that Republicans would not be seeking to completely get rid of the health care reform law. Cantor noted that some elements will be kept, such as barring refusal of coverage for preexisting conditions. Rush argues that Republicans are being convinced by their opponents and the media that this is a provision that people like, and that they therefore need to keep it. He notes that forcing insurance companies to accept people with preexisting conditions is welfare, not insurance.

I know that anyone who regularly reads this site is smart enough not to need it spelled out, but for any leftists who have wandered onto the site, here goes: Insurance is a system whereby you pay premiums in the event that something bad happens to you—illness, flood, fire—in which case, though you are not glad that the event occurred, the insurance provider has to shell out big bucks to help mitigate your loss and expense. Insurance companies stay in business by getting many, many people to pay premiums, at risk levels of their own choosing, to hedge against tragedy in the future. If insurance companies were told they had to provide expensive coverage to anyone who wanted it, regardless of whether those people had just suffered expensive catastrophes, then all but the hyper-paranoid or mathematically challenged would simply wait until they suffered such catastrophes and then begin to purchase insurance. Insurance companies couldn’t deny them coverage, and presto—their expenses would be covered.

Therefore, banning the denial of coverage of pre-existing conditions = free money = welfare.

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