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Rand Paul: Tea Party Candidate or Leftist Machine Darling?

Posted on December 17 2010 9:00 am
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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Kentucky, birthplace of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, has selected Rand Paul to be her next United States Senator. Certainly, if Lincoln and Davis were alive today, Lincoln’s choice would have been either of the decidedly conservative, pro-14th amendment candidates Trey Grayson or Bill Johnson, while Davis would have chosen Paul, the “states rights” candidate whose supporters often refer to Lincoln as a “war criminal” and share attitudes consistent with the racism of the Left. Ron Paul supporter Jack Hunter characterizes Rand as “Senator Tea Party“. The Leftist TIME Magazine says Paul is “the movement’s flag bearer in Kentucky“. Today at The Guardian, we hear that Paul is truly a friend of the Left by none other than Michael Tracey, symbol of the Death of Manliness, bosom buddy of pro-pedophile Alex Knepper and apologist for same.  Virtually nowhere outside Kentucky is it disputed that Rand Paul was “the Tea Party candidate”, but how could a Tea Party candidate be such a looney leftist, garnering even the love of the likes of schoolgirl Michael Tracey? The answer is that Rand Paul never really was the Tea Party candidate at all but was pushed to power in large part by an out-of-state Leftist machine very much appreciated by Tracey, et al.

Tracey notes that Rand Paul is a “maverick in the making” who will prove to be an “unexpected ally” of “the Left“.

Those on the left who reflexively conflate the Paul brand of libertarianism – embodied most robustly by his father Ron – with the aims of cynical theocrats like Sarah Palin or Jim DeMint not only abdicate any pretence of intellectual responsibility; they deprive themselves of a powerful ally. There’s a reason why Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican establishment were spooked by the idea of Rand Paul in a GOP senate primary. He’ll be a thorn in their sides for years to come and, along the way, likely foster a few schisms within an otherwise absurdly uniform caucus. This must be a positive development.

Tracey is quite correct in his assessment about Rand Paul. Paul is kooky enough to serve as a useful marketing tool for the Left to cast him as “the Tea Party’s crazed kingpin“, but very much on board with the Left on a number of issues that they hold dear. As Tracey notes, Paul could prove to be more of an ally to the Left than he would be to Palin, Demint and other conservatives who backed him. As a Reagan conservative, an informed Kentuckian, and one who has become quite familiar with the throat-slitting, back-stabbing tactics of the Left as documented by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, I cannot personally view Rand Paul as anything other than a Leftist. Make no mistake, Paul is less the “Tea Party candidate” than he is the candidate of a Leftist machine which propelled him to the spotlight with big money and big media originating outside the borders of the Bluegrass State.

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