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Politically Incorrect Parenting Presents: Top 10 Gifts for Girls

Posted on December 17 2010 8:00 am
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It was a typical conversation between mother and son, just a few weeks before Christmas—and it went something like this, “I’ve got the boys covered, so what do I get for little Miss Corrine?” said I. To which he replied, “Geez mom, you raised six girls, it shouldn’t be hard for you to figure out. She’s a girl. Buy her girl stuff.”

But it’s not that easy. There are all kinds of girls, which means there are lots of different flavors of “girl stuff.” Corrine is four, and has two cousins the same age. They are all girly-girls and not one of them are the same. One is getting a pink handled gun and holster—she lives with a bunch of brothers, so of course she has to be armed. Nothing thrills her more than to run with the big boys- she can usually keep up, if not best them, but she always does it in feminine style.

Her other cousin is all ribbons and lace. She will be thrilled when she opens her “Cinderella” dress with a matching dress for her baby doll. She spends her days in a fantasy world of play kitchens, princesses and ball gowns.

Last week we gave you our list of Politically Incorrect Gifts for Boys– now it’s the little ladies’ turn. And once again, our lawyers are insisting that we post this warning prominently:

Warning: The following advice, and recommendations contained therein, are politically incorrect—and may be a choking hazard for progressive parents of all ages.

While my little boys could whittle a gun out of a cracker with their baby teeth, my girls could turn anything into a growing family. If you left one of my girls sitting at the table too long, before you know it Mr. Butter Knife would propose to Miss Fork and they would run away together. I could usually find them under the dining room table with a little girl helping them name their new baby teaspoons.

Although we had girls, I was never a Barbie Doll fan. Its not because I had anything against them, it was because at one time we had so many girls that our sandbox looked like a toy’s version of Nightmare on Elm Street — a horror scene with naked headless Barbies buried in sandy shallow graves. So I banned Barbie from our home until she could dress herself.

While the Left would have us believe that boys and girls are the same, anyone that has raised a few of both, knows children are not lab-rats. They are in fact inherently different— if you nurture their strengths and celebrate their differences they will grow up with a sound emotional foundation, and many good childhood memories.

10. Princesses in a castle

You may remember I also had this one on my boy’s list. However, if it is a girl’s castle, trust me it won’t be a fort, it will be a princess castle filled with knights and lots of horses. I think the girls are more impressed with the horses than with the knights—but somebody has to ride them. Besides, what better accessories for horses than a handsome knight?

When I first discovered these in a local toy store, I couldn’t help but notice that the castle that was set up for display was engulfed with four to six-year-old little girls. I think this is something that both boys and girls will love. If I were giving it to boys, I would leave the castle in pieces and let them put it together. However, for little girls the beautifully detailed castle, and the figures are just short of magical- it will set their imaginations in motion on first sight.

For girls, I recommend setting the entire castle up, filling it with figures. For Christmas place a wrapped empty box over it on top, and unveil Christmas morning. Throw in a few satin capes for them to dress in as they knight their prince.

Next: But sometimes, girls just need something beautiful to mark the milestones of childhood.

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