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Media Matters: When Will the Insufferable Soros-Funded “Journalist” Eric Boehlert Apologize For His Violence-Inducing Hate Speech?

Posted on December 17 2010 10:00 am
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Professional leftist hatchet man Eric Boehlert (pictured deep in thought above) all but accused Glenn Beck of attempted murder for righteously fulminating against the shadowy Tides Foundation. Because a deranged would-be shooter named Byron Williams who aspired to shoot up Tides claimed Beck’s program was one of his favorite TV shows, Beck had blood on his hands, Boehlert argued.

Of course Boehlert makes no sense. Then again an ability to use reason and logic has never been a prerequisite for employment among the jackbooted heel-clickers at the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America, the fake media watchdog group that monitors the news for evidence of that most elusive of unicorns, a thing called “conservative misinformation.” Media Matters doesn’t care about the truth. It never has. It is about intimidating conservatives into silence and intimidating journalists so that they toe the left-wing party line. In other words, they’re cyber thugs.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

As reported by John Sexton, Clay Duke, the late Florida school board shooter, listed Media Matters on his Facebook page as one of his favorite websites. (A bunch of left-wing websites were also highlighted on Duke’s page. One was a 9/11 truther website called

Therefore, according to Boehlert’s reasoning, Media Matters is to blame for Duke’s violent acts. But I wouldn’t advise Beck to hold his breath waiting for an apology from Boehlert (and even if he got one, it would be riddled with typos, so he might not be able to understand it).

Boehlert, by the way, is the Media Matters “senior fellow” who has written over and over again that conservatives are incapable of “doing” journalism.

As Sexton notes, Boehlert viciously attacked Beck for weeks, logic and truth be damned:

Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters, made much of the Beck connection saying that Beck had come close to having a “body count.” In addition to Media Matters, Boehlert’s article was picked up by major liberal sites including Current TV, Huff Post, Salon, Alternet and Truthout. But it was distributed much more widely by blogs. A Google search for the title of his piece, in quotes, yields 57,000 results. The left ate it up like cotton candy.

And Boehlert inspired others in the media to follow his lead. Just a few days after his piece made the rounds, Dana Milbank at the Washington Post (who was about to publish a book on Beck which relied heavily on Media Matters) did what amounted to a sloppy rewrite of Boehlert’s piece.

And that was really just the beginning. Over succeeding weeks, Media Matters put up dozens of stories (1,600 search results) about Byron Williams, all of them mentioning Glenn Beck. Boehlert himself returned to the topic several months later using the same extended network of liberal sites. He once again blamed the shootings on Beck.

Boehlert also lied over and over and over again during the ACORN brothel-for-pedophiles scandal, falsely claiming that the undercover videos showing ACORN employees providing advice on breaking the law were heavily edited.

Boehlert just can’t do journalism, it appears.

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