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Stop the Omnibus! I Want to Get Off! Dems Push for Another 1.1 Trillion Dollars in Spending

Posted on December 15 2010 4:00 pm
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It’s Christmas time again. People across the country are starting to celebrate the birth of the Savior with parties and plenty of food and drink. Most of us will probably spend more on presents than we should and indulge in too many Christmas goodies. We will likely resolve to cut our spending and lose the extra pounds come January. While many in the U.S. Senate may not care much for the birth of the Savior bit, they sure do know how to party and have proven to be the Jedi-masters of overindulgence. Democrats have “crafted” a 1,924 page omnibus spending bill that comes with a whopping 1.1 trillion dollar price tag.

Unpopular, last minute, several thousand page, trillion dollar pieces of December legislation are starting to resemble the fabled fruit cake. They are something that no one wants but seems to show up each Christmas anyway. Does anyone remember Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid celebrating the passage of the Health Care Bill on December 24th 2009? They called it an early Christmas present to the American people. I never did send them a gee,”Thank you” card for that. Omnibus 2010 is proof that the Democratic Party is in denial about the November election. Americans voted them out of power in the House largely because of their devil may care approach to spending. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said that after neglecting to pass a budget during the regular session,

today we learn Senate Democrats now want to sandwich them together, totaling almost 2,000 pages, and jam them through in the waning moments of this lame duck session before anyone can read them. This political end-around reveals just how quickly my colleagues across the aisle have already forgotten the voters’ message in November.– Bret Baier and Jim Angle, Fox News

Adding insult to injury, the Omnibus Bill will lock in an unsustainable 3.5 trillion dollar budget for next year with no allowance for spending cuts. So much for New Years resolutions and democratic promises of “Pay-Go”.

I’m starting to feel like the looser of the hot potato game. This January, due to the inaction of  Congress when it comes to anything meaningful, Americans face an uncertain future due to increased taxes and run away spending. Every time our Representatives meet to try and solve these issues, the price tag rises. If nothing is done before Congress leaves for break, the government will face a shut down. Imagine how many cars will burn if unemployment, Social Security, and welfare checks stop coming.

Republicans have vowed to vote against this egregious bill. Supposedly, there are thousands of earmarks tucked inside of this bill, but we will probably have to wait until it passes to find out what’s in it. Fox News reported that “The largest sum was requested by Inouye and his Hawaii colleague Sen. Daniel Akaka for “Bank on USA” demonstration projects” in their state. The projects are designed to give underserved communities greater access to financial institutions.” Hawaii has also requested $21 million for a Hawaii Federal Health Care Network.

Hey, isn’t President Obama from Hawaii? What a coincidence.

Our last best hope for rescue is that Republicans are able to hold the line and put a stop to the Bill in its current form. However, remembering how they got rolled by President Obama into spending $700 billion on a third year of unemployment benefits does not fill me with optimism. If the ominous Omnibus Bill of 2010 passes, incoming Speaker of the House, John Boehner wont be the only one who breaks down in tears.

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