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Ron Paul Claims Conservatives Want Big Government to Seize America

Posted on December 15 2010 6:00 pm
A life-long conservative Reagan Girl and conservative feminist, Lisa holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT. Lisa is a staunch, unapologetic, Christian supporter and defender of Israel, who considers herself a spiritual Jew. Lisa resides in CT with her family and assortment of rescued pets.
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Congressman Ron Paul claims conservatives do not want traditional American values or freedom, rather big government control over American lives.  Paul’s radical libertarian view, which is not traditional libertarian Jeffersonian thought, argues today’s American conservatives prefer big central government, controlling America, spying on everyone, stealing individual rights, disregarding God and prosperity, while indoctrinating Americans into believing the world is dangerous, when in fact, according to Paul,  the world is not dangerous, it is America that is the threat to the world.

Ron Paul’s concepts should offend all conservatives, including traditional libertarians.  But Paul is a powerful figure with an influential voice that fuels Americans who are angry at excessive government spending.  Paul has persuaded many into believing the U.S. government is an evil threat intent on taking everything Americans hold dear in order to enslave.

It is right for Americans to be angry at government corruption and pork spending, but false to assume a few good men like Ron Paul can solve all our worries by vetoing us into safety when we do, in fact, need a central government and military force to fight threats intent on world domination.  It is further unwise to trash America as the enemy destroying freedom.  That attitude provides America’s enemies with power.  Yet that is what Ron Paul does: trash America and conservatives as the enemy.

In his latest diatribe, Ron Paul first insists:

The neoconservative ethos, steeped in the teaching of Leo Strauss, cannot abide an America where individuals simply pursue their own happy, peaceful, prosperous lives. It cannot abide an America where society centers around family, religion, or civic and social institutions rather than an all-powerful central state.

Paul is wrong to classify all conservatives as neoconservatives.  That is like placing all libertarians in the same boat with radical libertarians or claiming all liberals are leftists.

Conservatism is not “steeped” in Leo Strauss’s philosophy; it is steeped in the classical liberal-thinking of the Founders.  Conservatives agree with some Strauss views—anti-communist, anti-Nazi, Strauss believed Weimar Republic’s over-printing of money was economically disastrous, he said modern liberalism is something that has been “taken to extremes,” and “contains within it an intrinsic tendency towards relativism, which leads to nihilism.”  Ron Paul knows this, but his world outlook prevents him from admitting the truth: there are real threats among us intent on world domination—Islam and communism.  Instead, Paul claims America is the enemy.

Next, Paul slams America as an aggressor that created and inflates terror for self-gain:

There is always an enemy to slay, whether communist or terrorist.  In the neoconservative vision, a constant state of alarm must be fostered among the people to keep them focused on something greater than themselves—namely their great protector, the state.

This analysis is false.  Conservatives did not create a constant state of alarm. Conservatives believe the enemy—Islam—must be stopped, prevented from its constant 1,400 years of warring against humanity.  Ron Paul denies Islam is the enemy; he asserts America caused 9/11 by making Islam a violent religion, America created Islamic terror.  This is Paul’s way of justifying his anti-war, anti-government, anti-military view against many conservatives, who, like Paul, want a small central government without nanny states.  But conservatives do not want government abolished altogether as Paul does, nor see the military underfunded and destroyed, as Paul does.  Such actions would cause America’s  demise at the hands Islam and communism.

Ron Paul disagrees.  He goes on to say America and conservatives are the threat: they do not want individualism and freedom flourishing:

This is why the neoconservative reaction to the WikiLeaks revelations is so predictable: ‘See, we told you the world was a dangerous place,’ goes the story.  They [conservatives] claim we must prosecute—or even assassinate—those responsible for publishing the leaks.  And we must redouble our efforts to police the world by spying and meddling better, with no more leaks.

This notion says America is a cyber bully, when in fact Assange is the cyber bully threatening harm to America.  These acts can culminate into a world-wide threat enabling the enemy, Islam, who is the real bully threatening the world, as well as communists, who want an end to American capitalism.  Both must be fought by America in order to preserve the freedom Paul says he wants protected.

Ron Paul believes America and conservatives are the enemies of freedom.  He has convinced many that the U.S. government is an evil threat.  This radical libertarian view is dangerous. It rejects the truth: Islam and communism are the real threats to mankind and always have been.  Both must be stopped so freedom can flourish.

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