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Sarah Palin Co-Opting Leftist Tactics Via Reality TV-and Winning the Game

Posted on December 14 2010 9:00 am
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Even long-time Hillary supporters are acknowledging the populist appeal of Sarah Palin. Palin must be reading Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. She’s going after the youth vote. Remember the popular campaign site,  Kids for Obama? Well, according to Larry Johnson at NoQuarter we may be seeing a ‘Kids for Palin’ organization popping up soon.

Johnson’s wife hosted a Christmas party at their home last week. When the kids got bored playing billiards, Larry gave them a choice of cable shows, Sarah Palin’s Alaska won hands down:

From NoQuarter:

Democrats  beware. All of your attacks on Sarah Palin and your attempts to demonize her or demean her intellect are likely to backfire. You know Sarah is a genuine phenomenon when you are confronted with the fact that three boys with a chance to watch anything on TV choose to watch Sarah.

That tells me something with the Sarah phenomenon. She is resonating with a segment of society I never imagined would have a clue about her.

The left and some on the right  should know better than to badmouth reality shows; there’s a whole generation glued to half-hour programs that film brides-to-be and their angst over choosing the perfect wedding cake.

Joel  Keller at TV Squad reviewed the first episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska which drew 5 million viewers, a record for The Learning Channel:

That’s pretty much what we got with last night’s premiere episode of the show, which runs for 8 weeks. The problem is that the show really is neither fish nor fowl, pun intended: it’s a boring reality show that’s not spectacular enough… mundane situations for these shows are fine, because the curiosity is in how the show’s subjects live their everyday lives.

Keller nailed the show’s initial appeal;  it does not veer too far away from a tried-and-true formula. Much like Obamagirl sold Barack to young people raised on the soft porn of MTV, the Palin camp’s astute choice of Reality TV might initiate an ‘I’ve got a crush on Sarah’ campaign.

If the PUMA’s and former Hillary supporters over at Noquarter are a sign of things to come in 2012, the left can’t blame Palin; after all,  they wrote the book.

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