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Posted on December 13 2010 6:45 am
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities

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Speaking of tasting, Horowitz was one of several conservative speakers who got pelted with food by students during speaking events in April 2005. On April 6, while delivering a speech to Butler University students, someone hurled a cream pie that hit Horowitz smack in the face. Campus Progress in no way endorses such attempts to curb free speech. Horowitz has as much of a right to speak his mind as the rest of us, no matter how weak his arguments or hazy his facts. And we don’t like wasting pie, which is (often) delicious. We do think it’s particularly lame that instead of chuckling it off and trying to save face, Horowitz is pressing criminal charges and is on a mission to get the perp suspended.

23. This is also made up. The cream pie was shoved in my face. I didn’t press criminal charges. I don’t think the “perp” was a student, and never pressed for him to be suspended.

On April 29, 2005, while speaking at Columbia University, Horowitz caused quite a stir when he passed out a pamphlet that bore a picture of Noam Chomsky with a turban and beard, under the heading, “The Ayatollah of Anti-American Hate.” At least Horowitz has a sense of irony: He was there to lecture students about the importance of “ideological diversity.” Apparently, this diversity doesn’t apply to lefty American scholars.

24. I don’t get this. I have never called for Chomsky to be fired or to be barred from classrooms. I wrote a pamphlet showing what an ass he is. How is this anti-diversity?

Students are starting to push back against Horowitz’s famous untruths and hate speech (and we don’t mean with pies). Recently, when speaking to students at the University of Hawaii, Horowitz was interrupted by a student each time he told a lie. Instead of shouting him down, however, the students simply corrected Horowitz’s misstatements. Needless to say, the students were then told to “shut up” by Horowitz supporters.

25. The above account of my appearance in Hawaii is pure fantasy. My speech couldn’t be started for twenty-minutes because of the disruptions of campus fascists (who, by the way, welcomed Ward Churchill as a conquering hero only a month or so before).

Also recently, our friends at ThinkProgress had the pleasure of being featured in a FrontPage magazine article by Horowitz titled, “The Multiple Lies of John Podesta and Friends“ for filing his precious Academic Bill of Rights under “Radical Right-wing Agenda.”
Apparently Horowitz doesn’t see how equating a progressive and
inspiring young leader like Senator Obama with a murderous terrorist would be considered radical.

26. I’ve already dealt with the index that no longer exists.

These days, Horowitz is continuing his unapologetic, unquestioning defense of the Bush White House while accusing liberals who question the war of being anti-American.

27. This is false. Todd Gitlin opposes the war. I published an article by Gitlin on Frontpage. and called it “A View From the Patriotic Left.” I published another anti-war leftist, Sherman Alexie, and also referred to him as patriotic.

He recently attempted to convince the public that Bush was “exonerated” by the bipartisan membership of the Senate Intelligence Committee for his false statements during the 2003 State of the Union about Saddam Hussein seeking African uranium. Actually, what Horowitz referenced was not part of the Senate report, but rather a sentence from a British governmentinquiry that wasn’t published until a week after the Senate report came out. Meanwhile, he slams liberals who question the war – calling them anti-American in his columns in FrontPage Magazine – but never speaks of his fellow conservatives who likewise areoutraged about the mess in Iraq.

28. The above is garbage regurgitated from Media Matters, a website run by a self-confessed compulsive liar, David Brock. I have harshly criticized anti-American rightwingers like Justin Raimondo and Lew Rockwell, and presidential candidate Ron Paul, on my website.

Horowitz, envisioning right-wing extremism beyond college campuses, has now launched Parents and Students for Academic Freedom, an organization promoting his agenda in primary and secondary schools. They have partnered with ProtestWarrior, one of the far-right’s primary high school organizing groups that specializes in outrageous pro-war propaganda. The site for his new underage crusade prominently features stories from an anonymous 11-year-old who complains of such events as when a teacher asked the class, “What would a Taoist think of Bush?” After researchers have failed to confirm many of the stories from university campuses Horowitz has claimed to collect, are we really supposed to trust his nameless grammar school insider?

29. The above is merely slander. I have replied to the so-called researchers of the left in the “Replies to Critics” section of my site. The left declares evidence of abuses to be false, disregards the refutation of their claims and then you call me a liar in advance of anything I have said. Nice.

Despite Horowitz’s continuing inability to prove any systematic anti-conservative bias, he continues to spew forth accusations.

30. I have written almost 100,000 words analyzing the curricula of more than 200 college courses which indoctrinate students in leftwing ideology (not merely express a leftwing bias). You can find these analyses at Go to Academia and then Indoctrination Studies. If you think this is not proof of an indoctrination curriculum on college campuses, write a refutation.

In 2006, Horowitz published The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics inAmerica, attempting to create a McCarthyish blacklist of liberal professors.

31. The above statement is false. The book specifically defends the right of leftwing professors to express their leftwing views. It is not a blacklist and it is the opposite of “McCarthyish.”


Once again, Horowitz’s undoing came by way of fact-check. As Media Matters documented, Horowitz’s condemnations are based on in-classroom statements by professors in only six ofthe cases, and, in 52 cases, was entirely dependent on outside-classroom activities. Furthermore, an in-depth report by Free Exchange on Campus, entitled “Facts Count,” further eviscerated Horowitz’s claims, documenting an absence of student corroboration(only 13 cases, none of which have withstood further scrutiny), anipulation and distortion of quotes, and in some cases, outright fabrication. Many of the accused professors have responded to Horowitz, often finding the accusations so unsubstantiated as to be comical.

33. The ludicrous “reports” by MediaMatters and Free Exchange (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Federation of Teachers) were refuted point by point by Jacob Laksin in “Discounting the Facts” which is available in my article archive under Replies to Critics. Free Exchange simply ignored the refutation without replying to it.

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