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NewsReal Sunday: The Problem of Joy– Behar Displays Own Stupidity During Failed Palin Joke

Posted on December 12 2010 8:00 pm
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Is there anyone on TV as clueless as Joy Behar?  Okay, but aren’t those people cute or charming or funny… or something?

Joy “Black Friday” Behar keeps braying that Sarah Palin is an idiot.  Of course, it may be hard for Behar to really tell from her limited perspective.  If Palin were merely 10 times as smart as Joy Behar, she wouldn’t be testing out of any classes.

Here is the latest example Behar spotlighting her colossal ignorance while trying to make a Sarah-is-SO-stupid joke:

WALTERS: So we asked [Sarah Palin] the question that got her in trouble when Katie Couric said, what do you read … She said “I read a lot of C.S. Lewis when I want some divine inspiration.”

BEHAR [laughing]: Aren’t those children’s books? C.S. Lewis?

"Somebody shut that woman up!"

Har de har har.  Wow that Sarah Palin is silly!  She can only handle children’s books.

And if weren’t a huge movie opening this weekend, Behar probably wouldn’t have come that close to a proper frame of reference….

Very patiently Barbara explained:

WALTERS: He was arguably the most influential Christian writer of the day. He is considered an intellectual giant…

Well no wonder, Joy Behar hadn’t heard of him…

Even without Narnia, C.S. Lewis is hardly obscure, even to those with only pop culture literacy.  The Richard Attenborough-directed Shadowlands, based on his life got a lot of Oscar nominations a few years ago.

That film based on a play of the same name, about the personal tragedy of Lewis’s life, his late in life marriage to a much younger Joy Gresham, only to have her die of cancer after a few happy years was taken from one of Lewis’s autobiographical books, A Grief Observed.

(Ironically, his book Surprised by Joy was about his conversion, and written before he met Gresham, though friends remarked the title became literally true.)  Lewis also wrote about difficult intellectual conundrums confronting believers, like The Problem of Pain.

And no, The Problem of Pain was not about the difficulty of watching Behar try to have an adult conversation, and Surprised by Joy was not about Lewis’s astonishment that such a blithering moron was given 2 television shows to bloviate on.

And That Hideous Strength had nothing to do with what must be required to sit on stage with Behar for an hour…

Of course, anyone trying to put on intellectual airs should have heard of the still perennial bestsellers, Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters; but that’s really the insidious part of Palin Derangement Syndrome–Even people as dumb as Black Friday Behar are given permission to make Sarah Palin-is-stupid jokes.

And one of the greatest things about Sarah Palin is how leftist fools rush out to expose themselves in public at the very mention of her name.

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