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Angelina Bombs at the Box Office, Married Gals Cheer

Posted on December 12 2010 6:00 pm
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This makes me happy. “The Tourist,” starring Angelina Jolie is a flop. It’s like an early Christmas present. If anyone deserves to be knocked off that ridiculous pedestal on which Hollywood puts the most morally bankrupt, it’s Saint Angie. This woman, who somehow transformed her image from crazy, bisexual, incestuous, blood-wearing, home-wrecking WEIRDO to savioress of the world and the great rescuer of children is a mystery. For too long the entertainment networks and magazines have hailed her as the best thing since Mother Theresa.

The truth is, she’s a typical empty-head with little ambition but self-promotion. And if you’ve ever noticed, every time she’s out in public with those kids, they’re always eating Cheetos. In interviews she tells us that her kids don’t have bedtimes. And they bought a huge bed so they can all sleep together. Six (or is it eight now? Who can keep track?) kids with no schedules who eat junk food and still sleep with mommy. (I wonder if they’ve gotten into her whips and chains yet.)

On top of her mad parenting skills, she’s a home wrecker. I heard Johnny Depp refused to be photographed with her by paparazzi so the rumor mill wouldn’t upset his wife (or lover). Smart man. He’d have been smarter to turn down the movie. So would any man who wants stay in his relationship.

Jolie is the Elizabeth Taylor of this generation. Taylor notoriously stole Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds and their small children only to divorce him a short time later. Like Taylor, Jolie is a man-eating spider waiting to snare married men in her web. How any married woman can love “Brangelina” is absurd. Imagine it were your husband she ran away with and then bragged to magazines how they fell in love, while he was still sleeping in your bed!

I like to think I’m speaking on behalf of most married women when I say women like Jolie should be shunned and not celebrated. If feminism is going to mean anything, one must honor one’s sisters by, at the very least, NOT sleeping with their husbands. I can’t stand watching the wicked Jolie on the big screen and if my husband brings home one of her movies, I boycott it and try to shame him out of watching it which never works. (We have a kind of running joke where I hide the one Jolie movie he owns. One of these days it’s just going to mysteriously disappear.)

And now “The Tourist” is a big FAIL. I can only hope people are starting to tire of Jolie. Hollywood could use a new leading lady, preferably one whose beauty isn’t marred by her perfidy.

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