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ACORN’s Bolshevik Big Boss Bertha Demands Fox Be Investigated

Posted on December 10 2010 11:00 am
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Bertha Lewis, ringleader of the organized crime syndicate ACORN (which is now in bankruptcy court), is now making threats against Fox News. No doubt the former vagrant who is constitutionally incapable of telling the truth is angry because Fox had the absolute best coverage in the land of the various ACORN scandals over the past two years. (CNN’s coverage wasn’t too shabby either, for what it’s worth.)

The small-c communist bard of ACORN who has referred to the Tea Party movement as “a bowel movement,” let loose this soliloquy of slime on a recent radio show, according to The Blaze:

When you have an outlet like Fox which is so insidious, this is what should be investigated. These people are using our airwaves, the public airwaves, and when you have such an organization that has vast resources that can repeat and repeat and repeat and say, oh mainstream media, progressive media, why aren’t you covering what we’re talking about? And you get folks that go along and its lazy journalism.

Even today after pounding us, and I have to admit it was so overwhelming, it was a political tsunami, beating us to a pulp, not having defenders, not having the resources to defend ourselves. Right now it’s not enough, and beating us to death. Right now it’s not enough. We beat ACORN. We beat them down, the largest community group and so we cleared the way for the fake Tea Party.

Now we’ve become political necrophiliacs. Not only did we kill this organization but we’re going to dig them up and we’re going to have all kinds of congress with the corpse over and over again. So political necrophiliacs like [Glenn] Beck, like [Rupert] Murdoch, like Fox, like [Rush] Limbaugh, like Mr. [Andrew] Breitbart, they should be called out for what they really are. They’re carrion eaters. They’re nasty. They’re evil. They’re liars, thieves, and cheaters.

It’s the Hugo Chavez/Vladimir Putin approach to media relations.

Good luck with that, Bertha.

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