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Crybaby Obama Throws Bombs Left And Right

Posted on December 8 2010 2:00 pm
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President Obama  flailed about during his press conference yesterday, lashing out at Republicans as “hostage takers” and at his rebellious Leftist base as “sanctimonious purists”.  While throwing around enough rhetorical bombs to blow up Washington metaphorically speaking for his own failings, this crybaby narcissist  did not even take a minute to remember those who perished at the hands of the Japanese bombers on Pearl Harbor Day.

Obama must miss the old days when the left-wing media was so in love with him that he could do no wrong. They are now turning on him with a vengeance.

In fact, it was just a couple of months ago when White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton spoke to a group of reporters on Air Force One and praised MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow as invaluable.”

And if you’re on the left, if you’re somebody like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow or one of the folks who helps to keep our government honest and pushes and prods to make sure that folks are true to progressive values, then he [Obama] thinks that those folks provide an invaluable service.

This came after Obama’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where he called FOX News ultimately destructive.”

What are the “invaluable” Olbermann and Maddow saying about Obama now?

First, the always temperate Mr. Olbermann:

We have enabled this President, and his compromises-spinning-within-compromises. And now there are, finally, those within his own party who have said “enough.” In the Senate, the Independent, Mr. Sanders has threatened to filibuster this deal. He deserves the support of every American in doing so, as does Mr. Conyers and Mr. McDermott and the others in the house. It is not disloyalty to the Democratic party to tell a Democratic president he is wrong; it is not disloyalty to tell him he is goddamned wrong.It is not disloyalty for the 99ers and the 99ers-to-be to rally in the streets of Washington. It is not disloyalty to remind the President that he was elected by people to whom he had given a clear outline of what he would do for them, and if he does not steer out of the skid of what he is doing to them, he will not only not be re-elected, he may not even be re-nominated.

It is not disloyalty to remind him that we are not bound to an individual. We are bound to principles. If the individual changes, or fails often and needlessly, then we get a new man. Or woman. None of that is disloyalty. It is self-defense. It is the acknowledgment that, as my hero Thurber wrote, you might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backwards.

That is what the base is saying to this President, about his Presidency.


Maddow also went after Obama in mocking terms:

What is happening now is that this presidency is at risk of becoming a punch line. It’s not that he has lost a fight or two or three or four. It’s that the very idea that he knows how to win or even wants to win has become a joke. . . . When this president starts to be ignored, when what he wants, his political vision becomes irrelevant. . . . If the president cannot win when his party is the majority in Congress, if no one can even conceive of the president winning fights when his party is in the majority, let alone the minority in Washington, then the presidency itself starts to atrophy. It starts to disappear.

Maddow is actually on to something here, in spite of herself. For more than a year, Obama had a filibuster-proof Senate to work with, as well as a large majority in the House of Representatives. He could have gotten his so-called middle-class tax cut extension passed without any worries about those evil Republican “hostage-takers.’ Instead, Obama chose to use his political capital and wind down the clock fighting for his precious Obamacare.

Obama has nobody to blame but himself for the hand he is now forced to play because of the changing political landscape. His use of the hostage-taking metaphor, which seems to be the progressive Democratic talking point de jour, is an obscene self-serving lie.

Where Maddow, Olbermann,  and the rest of the disillusioned Left go wrong is their obsession with class warfare. They constantly harp on the misleading statistic that the 1 or 2 percent of the richest Americans are getting the lion’s share of the tax cut extension. What they always fail to mention is that it is the top 1 or 2 percent (which, because of mobility, is not always made up of  the same individuals) who pay the lion’s share of income taxes in the first place.

Even with the Bush tax cuts, the top 1 percent of taxpayers have paid approximately 40 percent of total federal income taxes, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service. Indeed, the richest 1 percent have paid more in federal income taxes than the bottom 95 percent. This is the result of our progressive income tax scale. But why should the taxpayers who already contribute 40 percent of the total federal income taxes be penalized yet again for their success? Why shouldn’t they be permited to continue to enjoy an extension of the same tax cuts enjoyed by the many who contribute barely nothing to the running of our bloated government bureaucracy?

Remember that these are not new tax cuts. They are simply a temporary extension of tax levels that have been in place for nearly a decade.

Though Obama would have been misguided if he had tried to change the rates for the top brackets shortly after he took office, he could have easily done so with the commanding majorities he had in both houses of Congress. Now he is a hostage of his own failures. It is time for him to man up and stop acting like a crybaby.

Joseph Klein is the author of a new book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam.

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