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Posted on December 7 2010 4:30 pm
David Redl is a New Jersey cartoonist turned animator who watched heated debates on cable news shows and thought, "Geez... what were THEY like as kids..." and thus Angie was born! He's worked for King Features Syndicate as staff artist drawing and animating Popeye and Betty Boop among other characters. Since 1999 he's been the animation director at Funny Garbage, a NYC design company where he wore whatever hat to get the project done, drawing storyboards, animating, organizing productions and even programming. In his spare time, Dave created "", based loosely on his blue collar father and family, winning awards and asked to appear at many film festivals. The web site continues to get regular hits and receive fan mail around the world. Ever re-thinking his comic strip creations, "Angie" became an accumulation of all past efforts and learned lessons with comic strips, cartoons and animated characters.
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Earlier this year Secretary Gates stopped production of the F/A 22 Raptor a 187 aircraft. The replacement, the F/A-35 Joint Strike Fighter is mediocre at best, relative to a Raptor, but must save money. Recently China succeeds in reverse engineering Russian technology, the Sukhoi-27 fighter, in cheaper form, as China does with many technologies.

You may argue China steals technology and can’t innovate it’s own. You may argue China is doing what China does best, make products affordable using a cheaper and abused labor force. But China is doing what’s best for China, making money. (Strange how communism is doing capitalism better than capitalists.) The same goes for Russia selling it’s technology to turn a buck. But aside from an intellectual property discussion this gives way to bigger issues on US national defense.

In a world where weaponry is being globalized, the US will soon no longer rely on superior weapon technology. This will make US military encounters much more costly in both in budget and lives as fighting terrorists driving jeeps is easier than flying fighters. With US’s resolve for war fading, here’s where it gets dicey.

Thanks in part to the Left, the US is spending with two hands, while China is spending with one hand and profiting with another. For the US to compete, we need to either ensure our war endeavors benefit us ten fold, which will create an even more imperialistic view of the US, something the left won’t like. Or we innovate war such as disabling fighters from the ground using a viral tactic Mike uses like Jeff Goldblum used on alien invaders in “Independence Day.” (Note cyber-attacks are also being explored by China.)

Exploration of creating new weaponry such as this increases spending, and defense is an area the left spends conservatively. If we are we looking at Regan-esque military spending in the near future, there’s even more call for tightening of the government belt and stabilizing the economy through less intervention.

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