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Asparagus Anxiety and Jesus Jitters: The Moral Blindness of PC Parenting

Posted on December 7 2010 8:53 pm
Jenny Erikson is a conservative chick with a strong opinion and a smart mouth. She blogs at and records a weekly radio show, The Jenny Erikson Radio Show.

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According to Urban Dictionary, a hobknocker* can be used to describe someone that masturbates in public, slaps people with his penis, or engages in bestiality. I did not explain that to my daughter; I only told her it was a very, very bad insult and she was never to use it.

Parents that don’t want their children being taught sex education (hetero OR homo) in the classroom are regarded as prudes. Parents who object to vileness on children’s television shows are told to chill out. Take your kids to church? You’re not raising them with faith so much as brainwashing them into a cult.

Why do we coddle and shelter our children from some things but not others? How on Earth is a sane mother supposed to reconcile a world in which her children must be protected from toys and hotdogs and Jesus, but not from vulgar profanity on a children’s television show?

It may be politically incorrect parenting, but I will protect my children from things they are much too young to be exposed to for as long as possible, while simultaneously letting them explore the world around them. I will take them to church and teach them that God commands us to love all people, not just those that share our faith. I will teach them about romantic love between grownups without getting into the specifics of sexual relationships. I will let them climb trees and play with their friends and eat too much candy on Christmas, but I will protect them from a culture that tries to desensitize them at every turn to decency, honor, and plain old good manners.

*Update: It has since come to my attention that the definition of “hobknocker” was made up by some perverts after the “iCarly” episode first aired in February 2009. While I am glad to hear this, I still find it upsetting that people (believing it to be a naughty term) would tell concerned parents to chill out.


Jenny Erikson blogs at and records a weekly radio show, the Jenny Erikson Radio Show, which airs on From the Right Radio. She lives in Southern California with her husband and their two young daughters.

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