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The Obama Administration’s Solution To The Wikileaks Problem: Gov’t Employees Can’t Look

The only thing worse than the Wikileaks spy disaster has been the Obama administration’s flaccid response to it. Julian Assange is doing everything he can to humiliate and damage the United States. So, what is the Obama administration doing about it? Has someone walked up to Assange, stuck a pistol in his mouth, and introduced the back of his brains to a nearby wall? No. Has a CIA squad kidnapped him and brought him back to the United States for trial? No. Have they done anything that seriously inconveniences Assange at all? No.

So, what has the Obama administration done?

Well, they are making Drudge,

(Hillary) Clinton said she found it extraordinary to greet so many talented people. She then said: `I am writing a cable about it, which I’m sure you’ll find soon on your closest website.”

That’s hilarious. She should quit her job and get on the comedy circuit. Of course, that joke’s not quite as funny as this,

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