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“Agenda: Grinding America Down,” NewsReal Interviews Filmmaker Curtis Bowers

Posted on December 6 2010 7:00 pm
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Glenn Beck has, with evermore frequency, paused to appreciate the extent to which his beliefs have changed in recent years. He has come to accept the existence of agendas which he would have dismissed as conspiracy theory only a few years ago. His experience has not been unique.

Many concerned citizens, possessed by an instinctive sense that the country is on the wrong track, have sought to understand why. Among them is Curtis Bowers, a former Idaho state representative and auteur of an outstanding new documentary film called Agenda: Grinding America Down.

Produced independently by Bowers and his immediate family, Agenda nonetheless stands toe-to-toe with the best professionally produced films of its type. The production quality is top notch. The content is relevant. Best of all, the information is structured in a rational, topical, and compelling manner.

Bowers shines light upon the communist movement in America, connecting the dots from Karl Marx through the Fabian socialists to ACORN and the Communist Party USA. The result is a scathing exposé the likes of which has driven the Left nuts.

Bowers sat down with NRB to expound upon the content in Agenda, which you can order here.

NRB: The first question I wanted to ask you is actually the last point that you make in the film. That is your justification for the title, calling it Agenda as opposed to some other title. Can you speak to that, why you chose to call the film Agenda: Grinding America Down?

Curtis Bowers: I wanted to make a clear distinction between this particular film, this particular subject, and a lot of the conspiracies that are out there. I think there might be a lot of weight to a lot of the conspiracy theories out there. But, when you deal in that, you lose credibility… I wanted to make sure people know this is simply the facts. It’s all in [the leftist radicals] own words, in their own books and articles and speeches.

That’s what impacted me so much… When I started studying their own writings, their own speeches, I couldn’t believe it – that they would say so clearly what their goals were, what they were trying to do. That’s what shocked me into making the film. As I studied, I’d go “People need to know about this.” This isn’t opinions or feelings or hopes or wishes or whatever. This is a reality that is destroying our country, and we don’t even seem to acknowledge that it exists.

NRB: Well, it’s an important distinction to make, the difference between a conspiracy theory – which is the patching together of various potentialities that may or may not be true – versus an actual examination of documents and history and people’s statements. The latter is what your film is replete with.

Next: The communist meeting which “blew me away”…

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