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Venezuela’s Version of Obamacare Collapsing

Posted on December 3 2010 11:00 am
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If there’s a silver lining in the outrageous document dump of secret U.S. documents by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks it’s this: there’s ample evidence that socialized medicine is a massive failure in Venezuela.

Of course the evidence that big government health care has failed everywhere on earth it has been tried hasn’t exactly been hiding under a rock, but it’s nice to see additional confirmation surface as the clock ticks away on the scheduled implementation of Obamacare.

According to a classified cable from the U.S. embassy in Caracas:

In recent months, protests have paralyzed hospitals across Venezuela as doctors and patients have complained of shortages of medical supplies, delays in hospital renovations and unpaid wages and benefits. Observers describe public hospitals as increasingly dangerous places where underpaid, undersupplied, and understaffed doctors struggle to provide medical services to Venezuela’s poor. Critics say that the GBRV [Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela] has created a parallel medical system-“Barrio Adentro”-that has sucked resources away from the traditional hospital network and reduced the overall quality of medical services. The GBRV has suspended doctors for speaking out about the crisis while giving former military officers and community councils a greater role in hospital administration.

Government hospitals in Venezuela are filthy hellholes. Physicians ask patients to bring basic medical supplies such as needles, gauze, and disinfectants with them. Doctors have had to dress wounds with dirty bandages. Many hospitals don’t have properly functioning plumbing, which leads to important operations being delayed.

The medical system presided over by Venezuela’s communist strongman, Hugo Chavez, can’t cut it even though thousands of medical doctors were shipped in from Fidel Castro‘s Cuba seven years ago to take pressure off the already strained system.

As it’s imposed on Americans, Obamacare won’t immediately do to America what socialist medicine has done to Venezuela, but it will lead to sharp declines in the quality of care and out-of-control increases in costs.

It will destroy America as we know it, sucking up tax dollars to the point where there won’t be much money left for anything else.

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