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Open Letter to Second Wave Feminists: You Failed

Posted on December 2 2010 8:00 pm
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Editor’s note: Second Wave feminist Phyllis Chesler responds to this post here.

Dear Second Wave Feminists,

A long, long time ago, when you were young and full of your own greatness, you made a choice. You chose a plan of action to lead future generations of women, your daughters, down the road of abortion, birth control, and away from traditional family structures. What you failed to anticipate was that every action has a reaction.

Man up. It’s reaction time.

Phyllis Chesler wrote a terrific article regarding the conservative media and its reputation among establishment feminists as anti-woman. It was met with one particularly vocal poster who was very upset about NewsReal Blog‘s snarky female writers and my recent article that took a swipe at Gloria Steinem’s stupid remarks about self-aborting bears.

[T]here are all kinds of feminist [sic] and second wave feminists who have remained true, like Phyllis who are gold and do (or have done) great things to make you freer than you would have been without us.

When you attack feminists, as this site does all the time, you should in respect, attack a position or policy with out [sic] name calling because you do not know what that particular feminist has done in their life. They may be new in their understanding or they may have a view that is different than your own but to say someone is “off their meds” stops the conversation for me.

I do not know Chesler (although I hope to soon) or the details of her history with the Second Wave movement but I like her writing. It seems to me she’s had the same treatment from “feminists” for championing the cause of Muslim women that I’ve had for daring to champion the cause of unborn women. I have a very high respect for anyone connected to the Second Wave movement who bucked the accepted philosophy. (See also Camille Paglia.)

That said, I refuse to credit Second Wave feminism with anything but the destruction of women. From taking them out of the home and jailing them in new prisons (with cubicles) away from their children who are now suffering, to the generations of young women throwing their sexuality away on anything that moves (and who can’t figure out why no one respects them). Do not tell me I should thank you for it.

I don’t want to see those drooling male sexist porn images—and advice to “use our looks to get ahead”. That is the sexist crap I am tired of seeing.

The charge about racy photos is uproarious, since Second Wave feminists paved the way for those photos to be culturally acceptable. Free love, birth control and orgasms for everyone! Nudity is freeing! Burn a bra! Burn a tradition. Blame yourself for the porn. And I do know, by the way, exactly what Gloria Steinem has done with her life. She contributed to the deaths of millions of unborn women via abortions. She contributed to the millions of children relegated to farms they call “daycare” instead of the safe cocoons provided by their mothers. And let us not forget Steinem’s contribution to the rape of the innocence of millions of teenage girls who have thrown away their honor for an empty promise of liberation that only led to heartbreak, abortions and STDs. Thanks a heap!

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