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Meghan McCain Flaunts Her Blue-Blooded Idiocy

Posted on December 2 2010 6:00 pm
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It seems almost unfair for an intellectual lightweight like Meghan McCain to take Palin on. While I personally find the Palin-Reagan comparisons a little insulting to the Gipper, Palin is still vastly more intelligent than the majority of PDS-sufferers and is certainly smarter than Meggie-Poo. If this was a boxing match, Sarah would be Mike Tyson facing off against Meggie Mac as Screech. While McCain’s rambling, nonsensical columns are usually full of schadenfreude-y goodness, the columns where she attempts to attack Sarah Palin are simultaneously the most groan-worthy and the most entertaining. In her latest pathetic excuse for a column, Meggie Mac calls Palin “uneducated” … right before she admits that she has no clue what the commonly-used term “blue bloods” means and had to Google it — and she still got it wrong.

Meggie Mac is, like, so insulted that Palin called the Bushes “blue bloods.” She didn’t know what the term meant (apparently she never came across it during her 100% academically-earned degree at Columbia), but since everything in the world obviously revolves around Meggie-Poo, it clearly was a personal hit on her. She was so insulted by Palin’s latest anti-Meggie Mac screed that she even took the time to Google the term “blue bloods” so she could figure out just what Palin was talking about! Now that, folks, is some good journalism.

Welcome to the echo chamber! This week’s (or possibly month’s) latest rhetorical talking point is “blue bloods.” And guess what? In the way it has been used I am probably considered one and so is the entire Bush family, not to mention countless others. And who else would deliver such a catchy media talking point than, yes, Sarah Palin. The reference to “blue bloods” was made after former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara said in an interview that they thought Mitt Romney was essentially the man to watch in 2012, followed by an extra zinger from the notorious straight talking former first lady Barbara Bush who said she thinks “Sarah Palin should stay in Alaska.” Sarah Palin responded on the Laura Ingraham radio show saying “of course they think that, the Bush’s are blue bloods.”

I actually had to Google what the meaning of “blue bloods” was, although I could surmise that it was some kind of knock against education and coming from a family of some success. Yes, in essence that is what this statement meant. Families that work hard and achieve a long line of successful people are “blue bloods” and thus, she implied the opinions of said people are jaded and elitist, even if that family lineage has a long history of public service and leadership within Republican Party. Of course, Sarah Palin is also living the American dream, albeit a different one without the help of any kind of family lineage. She has a successful career that probably most Americans would want by earning millions for her reality show, appearances on Fox, and getting paid to go places and speak her mind. Both of these narratives exemplify why this country is still as Ronald Reagan famously put it “a shining city upon a hill.” America is a place where people can create their own success so their children can have more opportunities than they did. Neither the Bush family’s success nor Sarah Palin’s are relevant to the political conversation regarding who is best suited to be the next GOP leader. Both stories are simply the American dream and taking issue with one kind of path towards success versus another is very dangerous. Lest we forget, Sarah Palin herself is now a multi-millionaire.

Horrifying grammar aside — good grief, is the Daily Beast really so hard up that they can’t employ the requisite team of editors desperately needed to make sense of McCain’s drivel-filled ramblings? — all McCain did here was prove that, as usual, she has absolutely no clue what she is talking about. Daddy’s money that bought Meggie Mac her degree at the oh-so-reputable Columbia University clearly was worth every penny. And while Meghan McCain had absolutely nothing to do with Palin calling the Bush family “blue bloods,” since Meggie Mac is the center of the GOP’s political universe, it’s obvious that Palin was really talking about the McCain family.

Interestingly enough, Sarah Palin got the term exactly right — and coincidentally, it does apply to Meggie Mac as well. The term also doesn’t mean what McCain thinks it does (from her expert Googling, of course). The term “blue blood” means a wealthy, aristocratic family. The Bushes — and yes, the McCains — could be considered blue bloods. People like Meggie Poo who are born with silver spoons in their mouths thanks to Mommy’s beer empire fortune are prime examples of brats born into blue blood families. Being called a blue blood isn’t necessarily an insult, and it certainly isn’t a knock against education and success. Meggie Mac, after all, would be a prime example of how being a blue blood does not equal educated and successful. Sarah Palin got a degree and worked her butt off to become the successful multi-millionaire she is today, but why let silly things like facts and common sense get in the way of jealousy-induced Palin-bashing?

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