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What’s Next? Commie Action Figures?

Posted on November 29 2010 11:00 am
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Just in time for Christmas the extreme-left Nation magazine is offering figurines of two of its heroes for sale: Noam Chomsky and the late Communist historian Howard Zinn.

The items are being offered as part of the Nation‘s online auction to raise money. They’re perfect gifts for your favorite sneering, out-of-touch limousine so-called liberal friends on the Upper West Side. According to a mass email sent out to Nation subscribers, other items on the auction block include:

* Original artwork from Philip Burke and Marshall Arisman
* No Sweat (as in sweatshop) sneakers
* Stays in Jackson Hole, Cuernavaca, Minnesota, Wyoming or Seattle
* Vietnam War Protest Posters
* A copy of Mao’s Little Red Book [emphasis added]
* Your own private Blues Show near D.C.
* …plus Noam the Gnome & Zinn the Monk garden gnomes (not to be missed)

Apparently the readers of the Nation think Chomsky and Zinn are important and good enough to be venerated, if only as lawn ornaments.

Among the many things Chomsky is known for: support of the genocidal regime of Cambodian dictator Pol Pot; visceral denunciations of Israel and the United States; and his curious assertion that “[t]he so-called War on Terror is pure hypocrisy, virtually without exception.”

Then there’s Zinn who after he died was revealed to have been a member of the Communist Party USA. As David Horowitz has written, Zinn’s life was “dedicated to evil and specifically to the support of mass murderers and self-declared enemies of his country.” Zinn also put out an ahistorical anti-American movie, The People Speak, that cheers on radical community organizers. During the Communist takeover of China, Zinn reportedly told his university students: “I stand to the left of Mao Zedong.”

Totalitarian enablers Chomsky and Zinn: to the left, they’re soooo cute and adorable!

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