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Hear No Evil? See No Evil? Could WikiLeak be an Inside Job?

WikiLeaks, the controversial website started by “Chinese dissidents” and run by Australian journalist, Jullian Assange, has been caught reading America’s diary again.

This violation of America’s top secret information seems more like a a tsunami than a mere “leak”- wiki or not. I can’t help but have an “I see dead people” kind of sixth sense on this issue; something isn’t right with this story. The thought that a low level army private could gain access to epic amounts of damning classified information is a bit to Barney Fife to be believed. How can we, or anyone else, trust or take seriously a government that can’t keep a secret?

The media has done very little to find the reasons that explain such a national security breach. In fact, news outlets like the New York Times seem like all too willing accomplices in exposing  America’s sensitive, classified information. We know that Private Bradley E. Manning is blamed for the release of the classified documents. When the news first broke about Manning, he was portrayed as a disgruntled member of the armed forces who was against the Iraq war. What you may not know is that the Sergeant who was in charge of Manning had been concerned enough about his “psychological health” that he disabled his weapon.

David E. Coombs, the lawyer of accused Army soldier Private Bradley E. Manning, claimed that the Sergeant who was heading the operations in which Private was engaged in Baghdad last year had some doubts regarding the soldier’s psychological health. The Sergeant disabled his weapon, but kept him on with the intelligence analysis.– Olivia Conroy for TopNews

Do you smell anything yet? Manning’s own Sergeant doubted his sanity enough to disable his gun but left him with clearance enough to discredit and endanger the entire nation? It defies reason to believe that this was lost on those who were higher up. You would think that someones mental health would determine the kind of access that they had to classified information. Manning’s lawyer, Mr. Coombs, expressed a similar sentiment and alludes to the idea that Manning may have been set up:

Mr. Coombs also added to his claims that he personally does not think the private is responsible for any of these charges, especially after reading the unit’s report. He said if the sergeant in control detected such instabilities in the private’s behavior, why he kept him in his position, a position which grants him an access to highly classified information.- Olivia Conroy for Top News

While the defense of ones client is expected from an attorney, the question that he raises is a good one that demands an answer. Why would our government and military higher ups give a person with questionable mental health access to classified information?

The way in which this situation is being handled is similar to the Eric Holder decision to put terrorists on trial in U.S. Courts rather than Military Tribunals. The two situations are similar because they both expose government and military secrets to our enemies.

America is quickly loosing credibility and stature in the world. Is it unfathomable to think that an administration that has so openly governed against the will and best interest of the American people might be facilitating this current wave of leaks?  Is Manning a “fall guy”? Either way, through incompetence or complicit action, our government can not be trusted with a secret.

There is something wrong with a nation whose laws throw the book at twenty year olds who download copyrighted music and movies, but allow the publication of leaked, classified information. Why are we so powerless to shut down a two bit website that has committed unprecedented espionage by revealing our most sensitive information? There have been pleas from the Obama administration that WikiLeaks not publish the information. Wow, is that all that we got? “Please don’t?” The TSA is more threatening than those in charge of protecting our secrets.

Someone line up the entire Obama Administration and grab me a blue glove; I have some questions I want answered.

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