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Hot Post:Children Under Sharia Law, Part 7: British Muslim Kids Being Taught How To Cut Off Hands in School

Posted on November 28 2010 10:00 pm
Paul Cooper is a husband and father above all else. With a wife and 2 daughters he could use a dog, but sadly he only owns a cat – a female cat no less. Paul is also a pastor, blogger, and business owner. Find him on Twitter.

Cutting off hands for better grades.

This post was originally published on Nov.22, 2010 here.

The more the Left says there is nothing to fear in Sharia, the more we discover just how bad Sharia law is throughout the world.  And the dangers of Sharia are not just in Arab countries, the Islamic law has been tearing down our British friends across the pond for years now.  And on Monday night a British news show is doing a story on what kids are being taught at weekend schools all throughout the United Kingdom.  Children from ages 6 to 18 are being taught how to cut off thieves hands, the evils of Jews, the need to execute gays, and more.

BBC1’s Panorama show has investigated Islamic weekend schools all through the UK. Their findings are frightening. For example, little children are being taught things as graphic as the best way to cut off a thief’s hand for stealing.

For thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence, and their foot for a subsequent offence. The specified punishment of the thief is cutting off his right hand at the wrist. Then it is cauterised to prevent him from bleeding to death.

A lot of the teaching also focuses on anti-Semitism.  The kids are taught out of Saudi Arabian textbooks that Jews are trying to take over the world.  Kids are quizzed on the “reprehensible” qualities of Jewish people and taught that the Jews have been turned into apes and pigs.

There are over 5,000 Muslim children in 40 different locations attending these Saudi funded weekend schools in the UK.  The kids are taught the Saudi Arabian national curriculum, and the schools are run under the umbrella of ‘Saudi Students Clubs and Schools in the UK and Ireland’.  Since the schools are not state-funded, and do not use Government buildings, they are not inspected by the Office for Standards in Education

The textbooks even offer diagrams on exactly how to cuts hands off of thieves. It also declares that homosexuals should be executed and any non-Muslims are only fit for “hellfire.”

Government leaders don’t want to hurt the freedoms of the Muslim schools, but they at least see a problem with the anti -Semitic teaching.

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country, I have no desire or wish to intervene in the decisions that the Saudi government makes in its own education system. But I’m clear that we cannot have anti-Semitic material of any kind being used in English schools. –  Michael Gove, British Education Minister.

At the same time the state of Oklahoma is being mocked for trying to outlaw Sharia law, in Britain kids are being taught how to maim people through Sharia teaching.  Even if we don’t fear Sharia will be taught in our public schools, we must begin to understand that there are dangers in allowing Sharia to be taught in any schools in America.  I would not be surprised if there were already Islamic schools in this country teaching this exact same material.


Paul Cooper is a husband and father above all else.  With a wife and 2 daughters he could use a dog, but sadly he only owns a cat – a female cat no less.  Paul is also a pastor, blogger, and business owner.  Find him on Twitter.

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