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Posted on November 27 2010 6:45 am
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities

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In other words, there are no Islamo-Fascists who stone women under their interpretation of Islamic law, and the institution of such laws is not an agenda of the Islamic jihad against us. In fact there is no jihad or holy war against us, waged by Islamic fanatics. In fact, as George Soros and other Democrats maintain, George Bush created the terrorists by declaring war on them. Anyone who denies this, or has the temerity to mention that we have been attacked by Islamo-fascists who regard murder as martyrdom and a path to heaven is a ….(drumroll)…racist. Someone stoking up religious hatred. (Now you can understand Olbermann targeted Bill O’Reilly on the same program.

This is, in fact, the sum and substance of what has become classic campaign by the left, directed now against Islamo-Fascsm Awareness Week. Every leftist campaign eventually becomes a witch-hunt a on the prowl for racists, sexists, homophobes, and…. Islamo-phobes under the bed. This one is no different: “Using Racism to Sell War: The West v. Islam?” is not the title of Keith Olbermann’s next Countdown segment (though it might be). It is the title of a meeting on the Columbia University campus to organize a protest against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

The meeting is being put together by a Bolshevik organization (and proud of it) called the International Socialist Organization, which has conducted violent attacks on conservative campus speakers in the past. The announcement for this little planning session on the Columbia/Barnard website is instructive: “In the summer of 2006 Bush declared that ‘Islamic Fascism’ is the biggest threat facing the U.S. today. In October this year, David Horowitz will tour campuses with his ‘Islamofascism Awareness Week.’ From the hysteria surrounding Ahmadinejad’s NYC visit to a spike in horrific hate crimes, the vilification of Arabs and Muslims is on the rise. Islamophobia provides a justification for the U.S.’ ongoing wars and must be opposed at every chance. Come be a part of a discussion about the roots of this racist ‘clash of civilizations’ theory and what we can do to challenge it.”

In other words: America has not been attacked by Islamo-fascists, nor are there such fascists. All talk of “Islamo-fascism” is a form of religious hatred, a means of justifying America’s racist wars of aggression against Arabs and Muslims. This is the message of leftwing flak-catchers for America’s enemies, Keith Olbermann among them.

Leon Trotsky once described the world Communist Parties and their progressive allies as “frontier guards for the Soviet Union.” For 70 years of Cold War, the Communist and the progressive left made America the bad guy, and complained about “cold warriors” in America being too harsh on totalitarians. They presented Communism as the voice of the oppressed and lent them “critical support” as the counter-weight to American “imperialism,” the great oppressor.

Today, Keith Olbermann and leftwing activists are performing the same service to the Islamic totalitarians. They are attempting to defame a Week designed to educate America’s students about the enemies they face in the global war on terror. Instead making Americans aware of the threat from Islamic terrorism, they are telling Americans to ask “Why do they hate us?” as though there were some answer other than the fact that they are religious fanatics who regard America as “the Great Satan.” Today, Keith Olbermann and the progressive left are acting as frontier guards for the Islamo-Fascists who want to kill us.

The scurrilous slander campaign that has been launched against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week casts an illuminating spotlight on the war at home. The left in America has taken its stand. Just as progressives ran interference for the Soviet empire during the Cold War, progressives are today running interference for the Islamo-Fascists.

They ran interference for Saddam Hussein before the war in Iraq, and if successful would have prevented the overthrow of the one of the world’s most monstrous regimes. They are running interference for the terrorists who are fighting our troops in Iraq, attempting to force an American retreat, just as they did in Vietnam. If successful, they will have provided the Islamo-Fascists in the Middle East – in particular Iran – with oil rich Iraq as their new military and political base. And they have run interference at home for religious hate groups – Islamic hate groups –whose agendas include the oppression of women and gays, Christians and Jews and any infidel who stands in their path. This is why the brave young students who are organizing Islamo-Fascism Week deserve everyone’s support.

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