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10 Conservative Warriors Defending Freedom at Restoration Weekend 2010 (WITH VIDEOS)

Posted on November 27 2010 3:00 pm
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3. Pamela Geller

You know Melanie Phillips is wholly correct about a World Turned Upside Down when the establishment reaction to Pamela Geller is to see her as some sort of Nazi. Just sit and think about this for a moment. A Jew who has dedicated her life to fighting the most vile, genocidal, anti-Semites on the planet is regarded as a Nazi. And her rhetoric is compared to anti-Semitic conspiracy theorizing. Honestly:

We'll leave the irony aside of having such a sign while wearing a Che T-shirt and communist hat.

Such characterizations are to be expected from the Left, though. Conservative = Nazi is just an ingrained reflex.

What troubles me more is the reaction of some conservatives to Pamela and her activism. Far more often than I’d like I’ve found myself in discussion with conservatives who are uncomfortable with her, who regard her as a nutcase or a conspiracist or some kind of “extremist.”

But rarely when pressed can I get a clear articulation of just what Pamela does  which would warrant her expulsion from the Conservative Movement. It’s not like she has an understanding of Islam that’s crazy. She’s basically on the same page as her partner-in-activism Robert Spencer who doesn’t receive the center-right animosity she does.

I don’t care about tone and style — the only things that center-right conservatives usually have to hold against her. I care about seeing someone get out into the streets for causes that are important. Pamela has done that. On Rifqa Bary, on the Ground Zero Mosque, on apostates she has actually fought the fight instead of just sitting at home and writing about it. On disturbing issues like Islamic gender apartheid and the New Anti-Semitism she’s pushed the stories online that few wanted to touch.

The reason why so many establishment conservatives are uncomfortable with Pamela is the same reason why they’re uneasy with David Horowitz and the Freedom Center. Conservatives are uncomfortable with the radical tactics and style that are necessary in order to fight the Left and the Islamists. They’re uneasy with activism and plainly spoken words naming the threats we face. And that’s why they’ll always be uneasy with Pamela.

When it comes down to it, I ultimately judge how valuable someone is on the Right based on one question: how much do they infuriate the Left? That’s the determinant of how effective someone is. And judged by that question Pamela is near the top of the stack. Just look at how she performs here:

It was great to meet you this weekend, Pamela. Congratulations on receiving the Annie Taylor Award. Please keep up your role in this fight we share.

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Here’s Pamela’s speech which she’s already being attacked for by such dhimmis as ThinkProgress:

Next: The author of the most vital political book in the last three years delivers the first keynote speech of the weekend…

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