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TSA Groping For ObamaCare

Posted on November 26 2010 10:00 am
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Recently I tweeted, half joking, that TSA pat downs are a kind of proto-ObamaCare. But I realized later it’s no joke. How the TSA treats its customers will soon enough be how doctors treat their patients.

This is what government medicine is all about. Doctors are turned into uncaring bureaucrats because the incentives built into the unwieldy, sclerotic system discourage old time, personal care. Quality service is not rewarded. Bad service is not punished. Take it or leave it.

Which is roughly on par with the TSA. Government employees who don’t care about your personal dignity or about providing good service to customers treat you as a widget on an assembly line. They don’t care if you’re happy with their work because you don’t matter. If you complain, TSA officials will tell you (as they’ve told complaining passengers according to numerous news reports) you don’t have to fly. As if someone’s going to take the bus from New York to Los Angeles.

If you complain persistently, TSA officials will threaten with you charges and try to intimidate you into submission, as press reports indicate they have done to dissident passengers.

That’s what happens when you give the government a monopoly.

In other transportation-related news, apparently outgoing House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) is not overly perturbed by the body scanners or government-authorized groping at airports. Conyers was spotted on a flight reading girlie magazines.

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