Calvin Freiburger

Inside the Mad Mind of Michael Scheuer, Token Expert of Appeasers, Isolationists, Anti-Semites, and America-Haters

Posted on November 24 2010 12:00 pm
Hailing from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Calvin Freiburger is a political science major at Hillsdale College. He also writes for the Hillsdale Forum and his personal website, Calvin Freiburger Online.

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Among the angry rantings of anti-war leftists and Paulite libertarians, you’ve probably noticed one name popping up again and again: Michael Scheuer. Scheuer is a former CIA officer who headed the agency’s unit on Osama bin Laden. His popularity with war critics stems from his argument that Islamic terrorist attacks against the United States are in large part “blowback” against American meddling in the Middle East. Whenever Ron Paul or one of his fans says, “Our own CIA tells us they hate us because we’re occupiers!” this is the guy they’re talking about.

Given his importance to the Left/Right anti-war coalition, it’s worth asking: Who is Michael Scheuer?

Answer: He’s a nut. Specifically, a Jew-hating nut.

On May 26, 2010, NewsRealBlog’s Jeanette Pryor highlighted Scheuer’s thesis that the answer to all our woes is getting out of the rest of the world’s business—especially Israel. Perhaps the most telling part was Scheuer’s assessment of the political landscape:

There is not a nickel’s worth of difference between President Bush and former President Clinton, between Senator McCain and Senator Obama, between Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Giuliani, between any of the forgoing and any of their Israel-first cheerleaders in the Council of Foreign Relations, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the American Israel Political Action Committee.

They are all rank and reckless interventionists bent on involving America in other people’s wars and content to see America by their ego-building, democracy crusading adventures overseas. The greatest danger to America lies in the imperial ambitions of these men and women. They are a mortal threat to the American people.

Put aside, for the moment, the question of whether or not you agree with any given politician on foreign policy issues. Simply ask yourself: do you really think there’s “not a nickel’s worth of difference” between most prominent Republicans and Democrats on them? It’s true that several prominent Democrats voted for the Iraq War, and that President Barack Obama has continued some of his GOP predecessor’s policies in the War on Terror, but the parties’ common ground – much of which is little more than political expediency or the occasional fleeting recognition that defending the nation trumps politics – is overshadowed by far more than a nickel’s worth of difference (guess whether it was Pelosi or Giuliani who vouched for Syria’s good intentions in 2007).

The differences – and Scheuer’s madness – are best highlighted by the following commentary Scheuer re-posted in the comment section of Jeanette’s post (emphasis added):

Obama is completely owned by the Israelis, just as his predecessors were. U.S. taxpayers continue to see their money channeled to the war-wanting Israeli theocracy, even as the number of jobless and homeless increase domestically. Our soldier-children are still on the hook to die for Israel — without a declaration of war — if Netanyahu divines that his holy book tells him that Israel’s God-given deed for all of Palestine needs protecting by attacking Iran. (NB: Odd isn’t it, how Washington routinely uses the separation-of-church-and-state tenet to attack U.S. Christians, but believes it is inapplicable when the U.S. federal government financially supports or militarily defends overseas theocracies like Israel and Saudi Arabia?)

In addition, Obama has an Israeli military veteran as his chief of staff, and almost certainly as a conduit for making sure his friends in that military are up-to-date on U.S.-collected intelligence. And 76 U.S. senators sent a letter to Secretary of State Clinton in April, 2010 — after Netanyahu publicly humiliated Obama and Biden — urging unqualified support for Israel because it is a “reliable ally and friend and has helped advance American interests.” This explains a lot about America’s problems if 76 senators believe Israel’s suborning U.S. citizens to spy on their country; selling U.S. high-technology to U.S. enemies; and corrupting the U.S. political system — at least to the extent of 76 AIPAC-owned U.S. senators – are the traits of a “reliable ally and friend.”

“Obama’s war on Israel” must meet a new-age definition of war that I have yet to learn. For all intents and purposes, Obama is an Israeli operative, as were his predecessors.

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