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Another Left-Wing Media Apologist For George Soros and Attack Dog Against Glenn Beck

Posted on November 23 2010 12:08 pm
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In this week’s New Yorker Magazine “Comment” column, Hendrik Hertzberg writes about Glenn Beck’s George Soros shows. Hertzberg, a left-wing columnist and former speech-writer for Jimmy Carter, accuses Beck of “turning facts into lies.”

Facts are facts, Mr. Hertzberg. Soros can no longer hide his skeletons.

Beck quoted Soros – in context – to prove Soros’ hostility towards the United States, his goal of global governance, and his messianic fantasies, among other things.

Hertzberg was especially miffed that Beck used quotes from an article published in Hertzberg’s own New Yorker, entitled “the World According to Soros,” to substantiate Beck’s exposure of the real George Soros. While admitting that Beck’s quotes were “accurately transcribed,” Hertzberg claims that the quotes were

made to function as lies by being placed in an utterly mendacious context
Accurately transcribed quotes are accurately transcribed quotes, Mr. Hertzberg. I guess that’s not so in the Left’s upside down version of reality, however, where “accurately transcribed” quotes are really all lies.
After providing a short puff piece biography of Soros that makes the multi-billionaire out to be St. George liberating the world’s oppressed from tyranny, Hertzberg blasts Beck for refusing to buy this party line and instead depicting Soros as
a deeply evil figure, a shadowy manipulator whose marionettes include unions, the Democratic Party, the media, and the President
Hertzberg’s problem is that he simply can’t handle the truth about his idol. Beck turned the truth about Soros into a compelling documentary. He showed from Soros’ own words what this currency manipulator, funder of a shadow network of unions and tax-exempt advocacy groups, and hater of American sovereignty and superpower status is really all about.
Hertzberg did not stop his attack on Beck with his New Yorker article. He also responded to reader questions online where he pulls out all of the stops as an apologist for Soros.
My favorite was Hertzberg’s answer to a reader’s question as to why Soros once said that he had the best time of his life as a teenager during the Holocaust. Hertzberg couldn’t deny that Soros had actually made this astounding remark, since his statement is immortalized on video. So Hertzberg does the next best thing.  He tries to turn the youthful Soros into a hero comparable to our veterans who sacrified their lives in fighting the Nazis.
For the same reason a lot of WWII veterans will tell you that the best, happiest time of their lives were when they were fighting in the war. The danger, the excitement, the knowledge that you’re totally engaged in a struggle against evil, the way petty personal problems and annoyances fade away in comparison to the epic drama around you
Of course, the truth is that Soros – by his own admission – simply observed his non-Jewish godfather’s confiscation of Jewish property while living in Hungary during the Nazi occupation and did absolutely nothing.
Talk about” turning facts into lies” and placing quotes ” in an utterly mendacious context!” Hertzberg knows whereof he speaks since he is an expert at doing both.
Hertzberg also compares Beck to the anti-Semitic demagogue of the 1930’s, Father Coughlin. That’s rather ironic since Coughlin’s National Union for Social Justice advocated wealth redistribution and government interference into the free market, much as the Soros-funded Center for American Progress and Soros himself do today. Coughlin also published a newspaper entitled Social Justice.
Compare the following statements for yourself and guess which came from Coughlin and which came from Soros:
1. Marx and Engels gave a very good analysis of the capitalist system
2. the outworn creed of capitalism is done for
3.  it is the business of government… to curtail individualism
4.  Social values express a concern for others. They imply that the individual belongs to a community, be it a family, a tribe, a nation, or humankind, whose interests must take precedence over the individual’s self-interests.
5. We need to have some degree of social justice
6.This is the new call to arms for the establishment of social justice

Answers:  Soros – 1, 4, and 5; Coughlin – 2, 3, and 6

It looks like Soros is much closer in significant respects to Coughlin’s philosophy than Beck is.

For further information about Soros and Beck, Hertzberg shamelessly sends his readers to none other than the Soros-funded Media Matters! That tells you all you really need to know about Hertzberg’s credibility as a journalist, which is so typical of Soros’ most ardent defenders.


Joseph Klein is the author of a new book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam.



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