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Aberrant George Galloway Turns from Cat to Attack Dog

Posted on November 23 2010 10:00 am
Christine Williams is a 9-time international award-winning interviewer. She is Host and Producer of the Canadian National TV program “On the Front Line with Christine Williams” aired on CTS TV. She is also a Senior Advisor to the Hudson Institute in New York.
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Something positive actually emerged out of the infamous British ‘firebrand’ George Galloway‘s visit to McMaster University in Ontario.  Although he predictably degraded himself with his erroneous rhetoric, he didn’t quite sink as low as purring like a cat for attention. (For the perturbing YouTube video look here; a fallout report is  here.)  Instead, he lived up to his so-called ‘firebrand’ description by lashing out in every direction—even in the liberal camp.  So in his metamorphosis from purring cat to attack dog:

Galloway attacked everyone from Prime Minister Stephen Harper (a George Bush-like neo-conservative) and U.S. President Barack Obama (a disappointment), to Israel, Europe, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, “dictatorial” Arab governments, George Bush (illiterate), Tony Blair (a Christian fanatic), Afghan President Hamid Karzai (president of downtown Kabul), Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff (one cheek of a rear end), the Canadian media and Osama bin Laden (whom he despises, but says was created by the U.S. and British to fight the Russians in Afghanistan).

Yet it didn’t take long for Galloway to narrow in on his target:  Israel. On his arrival to McMaster University, he sported a Palestinian flag colored scarf.  He has been an open backer of Hamas—a terrorist organization with a charter that calls for the destruction of Israel.  Even so, Galloway says he is suing Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney for banning him from entering Canada last year on the ground that he supports terrorism.  He went on to tell his audience that:

[T]he only way to bring about change in “the Apartheid State of Israel” is for external forces to put pressure on it through boycotts, sanctions and de-investments by companies.“Israel is allowed to behave in a way that no other country in the world would be allowed to behave,” he told the crowd.

Galloway appears to be mentally defunct with no apparent knowledge about the gross human rights violations in Islamic states and communist regimes as he singles out Israel, but common sense should dictate that this apparent jester could not be as ignorant as he appears.  Instead, he is an agenda driven ideologue with a disdain for Judeo-Christian democracy in the West. What is even more disturbing is the actual existence of an audience that’s willing to tolerate Galloway’s hyperbolic tirades and threats:

“I’m going looking for Jason Kenney in Calgary on Tuesday,” continued Galloway, who is in the midst of a 10-city tour. “I intend to pursue Jason Kenney and Harper until they are held accountable.”

Only under a democracy could the so called “firebrand” Galloway be permitted to exercise his rights to freely express undemocratic and anti-Semitic views under the disguise of Palestinian interests and even act like a cat. This crazy far leftist is little more than a thespian and an embarrassing puppet of Islamists, bent on helping to destroy the very democratic values of which he is a beneficiary.

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