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Steinem Off Her Meds: Sarah, Trig & the Secret Life of Self-Aborting Bears

Posted on November 22 2010 9:57 pm
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Faux feminists are terrified. They’re so frightened of the Year of the Conservative Woman they’re trotting out Gloria Steinem, yesteryear’s poster-child for the womyn’s movement, to make the rounds in all the usual leftist places to “reclaim” the term “Mama Grizzlies.” (Did they ever own that term?) Steinem recently staked her reputation on her claim that grizzly bears heart abortion. The verdict is still out on whether or not grizzlies use #ihadanabortion tags on Twitter.

Steinem opines in her article, Why Mama Grizzlies Vote Pro-Choice:

In fact, Mama Grizzlies─so misrepresented for political purposes by Sarah Palin─know this, too. In real life, they are famous for their exercise of reproductive freedom. For example, female grizzlies mate later than other bears, have only one or two cubs at a time, and wait up to twice as many years between births. If after they are pregnant, conditions are not good─for instance, their health is poor, the food supply is unreliable, or the winter is too harsh─they reabsorb the embryo into their bodies in self-abortion and just don’t give birth that year.

This idea of “self-abortion” is hilarious. Those of us who don’t spend all day drinking lattes and munching on organic wheat grass in leftist think-tanks have a word for that too. Miscarriage. It’s doubtful many women who have suffered one would ever consider it an abortion.

The other amusing part of this interesting foray into the secret life of bears is the glaring flaw in Steinem’s use of the subject’s behavior. The fact that grizzly bears mate later, have small litters and take time off between pregnancies only illustrates bears are smarter than so-called feminists. Instead of having sex with every swanky hipster with a soul patch who smokes foreign cigarettes and reads Nietzsche, Mama Grizzlies wait to find the right mate. They don’t use condoms either. And I’m fairly certain grizzlies don’t bombard their young with detailed explanations of proper fellatio technique, but I’m no bear expert.

Steinem also writes:

[T]he Republican Party Platform calls for a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would create a direct relationship between the law and the fertilized egg, thus allowing women’s wombs to be legally searched…

If Steinem is worried about women’s wombs being legally searched, she should move her campaign against government intrusion right over to the nearest airport! The pro-life movement has always been concerned with the rights of everyone involved in an abortion. What pro-abortionists always miss is that the world does not revolve around them and their desire to live an uncomplicated life free from the consequences of their bad choices. There is another person to consider. The one living inside the pregnant woman.

We are beyond the argument that dividing cells is not a life. In Al Gore’s words, the debate is over (among people with functioning frontal lobes.) Any basic science class will teach you in every case dividing cells equals life. This is only debated by politically motivated liars when it comes to human cells, because they must make murder palatable by any deception necessary.

Camille Paglia, well-known Second Wave feminist of the leftist persuasion has the intellectual honesty to admit what everyone already knows: abortion is “the extermination of the powerless by the powerful.” Paglia supports abortion, but at least she does it from an honest viewpoint.

Steinem rambles on:

The truth is that next to air, water and food, the ability of a woman to decide when and whether to give birth is the most powerful and common determinant of whether she is healthy or not… Supporting women’s need to prevent or space pregnancies is also the most effective way of combating infant mortality, birth defects, the inability of children to bond and thrive, violent conflict over scarce resources, and irreversible damage to this fragile Space Ship Earth.

All women have the ability to decide when and whether to give birth without abortion. It’s a matter of taking a lesson from the grizzly bear and waiting to engage in sex until you find the right mate and pregnancy is no longer a risk you don’t want to take. Steinem, and leftists like her, act as if women are animals, simple creatures of desire who can’t use the brains the faux feminists are so certain they have.

Watching generations of young women take their tops off for free tee-shirts has kind of ruined that premise for me.

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