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Holder and Napolitano: Keeping Us Safe

Posted on November 21 2010 7:00 pm

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Plus, apparently airports can choose to “opt out”, as Orlando just announced it will hire a private company. (Look for lawsuits from profiled passengers). How does that fit in? Homeland Security was always a bad idea. “Money is no object” bureaucracies are always looking to branch out to justify their roles. As they do, our common sense gets slowly boiled away.

Our second terror related event of the week was the trial of Ahmed Ghailani. Indisputable proof that civilian trials, such as the recently completed Ahmed Ghailani trial, are a “dead policy walking” is that Joe Biden was sent out to defend it. Whenever complex legal matters arise who but Syracuse Law School “plagiarizer” and VP Joe Biden (it really is amazing when you think about it) would one look to for nuanced analysis?

For reasons only Eric Holder and his all but drained and emptied boss can know, they attempted to embark on a US civilian trial path for foreign nationals captured in foreign countries engaged in violent actions against America in foreign countries. This was advertised as demonstrating our moral superiority to those who behead people for flouting resistance to various forms of Sharia Law. As such, they will hate us less. I think that’s the gist of the argument. I would prefer they focus on making sure things like trade agreements are already in place with, say, South Korea, before attending a victory signing.

The Ghailani case was originally cast as a trial balloon–no pun intended. It was scheduled as a practice run for the now canceled civil trial of 9/11 leader, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. That plan was dropped almost a year ago as New York said “thanks, but no thanks.” Guess where KSM resides? Before we get to Guantanamo, let’s review the Ghailani case. He is a Tanzanian Muslim “preacher” who was a top 10 wanted terrorist on the FBI list created soon after 9/11. He was/is an al Qaeda member with an expertise in explosives. He was captured in Pakistan in July of 2004 after the Bush administration declared he and several others were planning a terrorist attack against the US. Democrats at the time accused Bush of pulling a political stunt to improve his poll numbers. He was also one of the major suspects in the Nairobi US Embassy bombings in 1998, the reason he made the 2001 FBI most wanted terrorist list. The primary reason 285 out of 286 counts were dropped in his case was that the government’s key witness was disallowed.

The Obama administration‘s 2009 emphasis regarding civilian trials of “enemy combatants” was intertwined with its views about Guantanamo. Obama campaigned hard on closing it down but an emphasis on civilian trials and elimination of water boarding is what distinguished his views from Bush, who also claimed a desire to close the base (as did McCain). For those who oppose it, Guantanamo represents the US taking away internationally sanctioned rights of imprisoned and uncharged Muslim terror suspects by never having to declare when they might be released or have charges brought against them. The physical location itself obviously has no bearing on this issue.

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