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Hot Post: Willow Palin Helps the Left Discover Parental Responsibility

Posted on November 20 2010 1:00 pm
Rob Taylor has a Master of Arts degree from Wesleyan University. He blogs at Greenville Dragnet.

At Jezebel, Anna North argued that Planned Parenthood needs to be a “safe place” for teens – and to be a “safe place” they should help cover up teen exploitation. US News columnist Bonnie Erbe claimed that the exposés – which showed multiple adults at multiple locations actively covering up the sexual exploitation of a child – were “pointless.”

It is pointless for parents to understand that if their teen daughter is impregnated by some degenerate he might drop her off for minor surgery and the “medical professionals” there would help cover up the crime. A group that thinks collecting a sliding scale fee from a client is more important than keeping that girl from being sexually exploited is a “safe space” for teens.

Integral to this view is the idea that parents bear no unique responsibility for the well being of their children, thus have no right to know what they are up to. We see the same position adopted in the leftist defense of “sexting,” even though we all know that the danger of sexting is the fact that the child’s explicit image will be traded as child pornography online indefinitely. That parents would care if their child’s image is being used as masturbatory aids for pedophiles is an “overreaction” to harmless fun and an assault on children’s freedom.

That there is a selfish motive on the Left to promote the idea parents have no “right” to control their children is obvious. The sooner children are “free” the sooner leftists can return to the extended adolescence they arrange their lives to be. These views aren’t about what is best for the children but absolving the parents whose 13-year-olds are being dropped off at an abortion clinic by a 30-year-old of the guilt they should be feeling at failing as a parent. The Left has spent decades trying to turn children into tiny versions of adults so that they can remain overgrown versions of children.

So it is perhaps a good sign that the Left suddenly recognizes parents’ role in their children’s behavior. The criticism of Willow Palin is overblown to be sure, and dishonest in its attempt to claim that every word written, shrieked or muttered by a teen has in some way been vetted by the child’s parents. But it’s a first step in the right direction.

Perhaps after this we can get the Left to actually take responsibility for their children’s actions. Like when they’re hacking into emails, assaulting political opponents or trading child pornography. Granted those things aren’t as earth shatteringly awful as a teen calling another teen “gay,” so I understand it the Left doesn’t get on board right away. But I remain hopeful that one day we will reach an accord, thanks to Willow Palin.

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