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Hot Post:Tyranny for Toddlers: TSA Pat Downs for Kids

Posted on November 20 2010 3:00 pm

This post was first published on November 17, read it here.

When I saw the video of the three year old girl screaming “Stop touching me!” as the TSA agent was administering her “pat down”, I have to say that I was proud of her.

Here was a little girl with common sense enough to know that there was something inherently wrong with what was taking place. In any other setting, besides the doctor’s office perhaps, having a stranger touch EVERY part of your body (against your will) would be considered an assault. But we all know that radical Islam would not shrink away from using a child as a bomb delivery system so this kind of action is necessary to keep us “safe.”


The recent changes to airport security feel more like a class on tyranny than any true measure of security. The changes have left me with some unnerving questions about the message we are sending America’s children.

What are we teaching our children by subjecting them to this kind of search? Make no mistake, infant to adult, the TSA is sending a message. The option of walking through the body scanner or consenting to an invasive, demoralizing pat down is no option at all. We are guilty until proven innocent by these bizarre methods that would have shocked George Orwell. The word is still out on whether or not a scan of a child is considered child pornography. I have seen the images of the body scans- there is nothing left to the imagination and it is a fact that these images are not being deleted but stored despite the governments promises to the contrary.

Americans are not accustomed to the strong armed tactics being employed by the current government; freedom is our birthright. When children see Mom and Dad consent to palms down body searches on the whole family, the government becomes the ultimate authority. Will a generation taught to endure this violation be able resist further encroachment by government entities? Where does the government’s power end when abuses are done in the name of safety? Are cameras on every corner, implanted RFID chips, eye scans or National ID cards ok if they can help keep us safe from terrorism? Our silence in regard to this matter will speak volumes to our kids.

If you think that this is far fetched paranoia, the Drudge Report has the story of a man who had a TSA worker put his hand INSIDE his pants and feel 360 degrees around. The man who said “Don’t touch my junk.” may be fined $11,000 for his failure to comply with the enhanced pat down. So if you travel during the holidays and refuse having a hand put down yours or your child’s pants, you’d better have your check book ready.

Perhaps the most egregious example of abuse by our government is its decision to consider a waiver for Muslim women after complaints were filed by CAIR. Apparently, our government believes that Muslim women, but who knows what’s really underneath the burqa- you could fit two terrorists in one of those, are less of a threat than my two year old.

The inmates really are running the asylum. I fear the day a terrorist smuggles a bomb aboard a plane via a body cavity. Is there a scan for that? And what happens if we refuse? Gulp. It looks like a road trip to Grandmother’s house this Christmas.

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